Friday, January 28

“Ethereum is a better bet than Bitcoin,” says biggest US bank

In a beginning of the week that marked a recovery in the cryptomarket, mainly among the top 10, Bitcoin has been gaining part of the lost value in recent weeks and Ethereum following the same movement, the fight between the two should be decided by the technology of each one. , at least according to JPMorgan, the largest US bank.

According to a report prepared by experts at JPMorgan, the Ethereum is a better buy than Bitcoin due to its technology and involvement with growing markets.

The analysis of JPMorgan specialists, published in Financial Post, points out that the value of Ethereum is being driven not only by speculation and, mainly, with the Metaverse technology, which may have an important integration with the blockchain and Ethereum network solutions.


There is an expectation that Ethereum will be the choice for creating different solutions related to the metaverse, which is a new way of creating social interactions, using virtual and augmented reality technologies in games or experiences in digital environments. The metaverse recently gained a lot of attention due to the announcement by Facebook, which said it is going to head straight into this sector that is part of Web 3.0.

In addition to having its technology tied to its price, JPMorgan also talked about use-case increases for the ecosystem, such as peer-to-peer loans, NFTs, games, stablecoins, etc., and how they can help maintain the price of Ethereum growing in the future.

Bitcoin thinking is on the opposite path, believing that the future of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is more uncertain and may lead to a downturn.

“Rising bond yields and the eventual normalization of monetary policies are putting selling pressure on Bitcoin as a form of digital gold, just as higher returns on bonds have put downward pressure on traditional gold.” report.

better than bitcoin

With that, JPMorgan experts believe that Ethereum can be a “safer” purchase than Bitcoin, but that, in the same way, volatility is still a possibility and can present risks in any investment in this market.

The Ethereum has been one of the most targeted currencies by many experts, often held up as the currency that will make many millionaires, with the promise of Ethereum 2.0 further lifting the market, however, we haven’t had any concrete signs of this yet.

Ethereum’s recent rally was clearly tied to Bitcoin, so it’s important to do a lot of research to be sure before making an investment.