Saturday, October 1

Ethereum launches new Kintsugi testnet for users to test version 2.0

Ethereum Foundation developer Tim Beiko this week announced the launch of a new testnet (or testnet), call Kintsugi Merge, with which the community can test what Ethereum 2.0 will be like.

According reza a post by Beiko on the Ethereum Foundation blog, the intention of this testnet is that the Ethereum community becomes even more familiar with the projects and developers linked to the network.

While client development and user experience continue to be refined, we encourage the community to start using Kintsugi to become familiar with Ethereum in a post-merger context. For app developers not much will change. Tools that only interact with the consensus or execution layer are also largely unaffected. Infrastructure that relies on both layers will most likely need to adapt to support fusion.

Tim Beiko, Ethereum developer.

The developer recommended that most Ethereum based projects start testing and prototyping in Kintsugi, so that failures arise and can be solved quickly. “In this way, the changes can be more easily incorporated into future versions of specifications and customers,” he argues.

Kintsugi derives from a Japanese word that translates to the art of repairing objects with ceramics, highlighting the cracks in the work as part of the article.

The developers ask users to test what Ethereum 2.0 will look like once. Source: Ethereum Foundation.

“The Kintsugi testnet gives the community an opportunity to experiment with Ethereum post-merger and begin to identify any issues. Once the feedback has been incorporated into the customer software and specifications, a final series of test networks will be launched. In parallel, testing efforts will continue to increase, ”said Beiko.

The merger (or, in English «The Merge«) Is the step that inaugurates the Ethereum 2.0 stage, where the join will occur between the inherited chain based on proof of work (PoW) and the new chain based on proof of stake (PoS).

Great interest in the ethereum community

According to information provided by the developer team, there is at least 2.3 million ETH deposited in the new Kintsugi testnet, with 72,000 validators. This denotes great interest from the community, which is getting ready for a major update.

In detail, the Beacon Chain, where ETH2 will run, has, right now, 8.7 million ethers (ETH) deposited, valued at more than USD 35 million, by about 272 thousand validators.

Soon these will be the validators that verify transactions on the Ethereum network, fulfilling his replacement to the miners. This is estimated to have a positive impact on the environment and reduce currency inflation.

The tests had already started

What was announced by Tim Beiko was coming. According to what was reported by CriptoNoticias, one of the Ethereum developers, Marius Van Der Wijden, asked the community start testing version 2.0 of the network.

In a post on his Twitter account, Van Der Wijden said they were “starting a new program for the community to get involved in testing the fusion.”

The arrival of this new Kintsugi testnet, which allows users to experience the future of Ethereum a bit, is no guarantee of the imminence of the long-awaited merger. Recently, CriptoNoticias reported that the time of their arrival may be delayed for another year.