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Etherscan presents its new messaging service on Ethereum: Blockscan Chat – DiarioBitcoin

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The creators of the most popular Ethereum explorer have launched an instant messaging application for “wallet-to-wallet” chat.


the block chain Ethereum It is also used to send messages.

The team behind the popular block explorer Etherscan presented this Wednesday a new instant messaging application based on Ethereum. denominated Blockscan Chat, is a service that allows users to send messages from “wallet to wallet“, simply and instantly between addresses compatible with Ethereum.

The app, which has been released in beta phase (test mode), it also offers access to chats from multiple devices, block unwanted or spam addresses and receive notifications in the block explorer when a message is received.

The developers of Etherscan they did not make an official announcement about the new service. Instead, they subtly revealed the feature in a tweet posted on Tuesday, sharing a screenshot showing the message notification on Google’s website. Etherscan. “I wonder what this is for…?“, they wrote.

A messenger chat powered by Ethereum

Users who wish to use the new service can do so by connecting to a wallet of Ethereum, What Metamask. The recipients of messages with an email address Ethereum will receive a notification via the block explorer (although the message will not be public on a block explorer).

Welcome to the Blockscan chat beta. A messaging platform for users to simply and instantly message each other from wallet to wallet, powered by Ethereum“, reads the website.

screenshot of Blockscan Chat

Although it is powered by technology from Ethereum, the service may not offer some of the expected benefits of decentralization such as resistance to censorship or communication without fear of surveillance; as noted Decrypt. EThe messaging service runs on the servers of Etherscan and the messages are not stored on a blockchain, the app says.

To talk to hackers or trade NFT

However, one of the main potential benefits is anonymous communication between addresses. Blockchain. In this regard, some users of the crypto space have already begun to highlight some of the main use cases of the platform on social networks.

One of them could be the ability to communicate with hackers, such as he pointed Ryan Sean Adams, de Bankless, something that is already common within the industry but that can involve high transaction fees. Last year, the hacker from Poly Network communicated through transactions in Ethereum to negotiate with the victim the return of the funds.

On the other hand, the service could also be useful for collectors in the NFT market. In this regard, the Twitter user “bdmartino” argument that the function could be used for NFT purchase negotiations between buyers and sellers. He added that if the transaction is carried out by a decentralized exchange, both parties could reduce the fees associated with NFT platforms such as OpenSea.

Meanwhile, some in the crypto enthusiast community have baptized the new platform as “Ethereum Instant Messenger” (or EIM), a nostalgic reference to the AOL Instant Messenger from the late ’90s.

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