Wednesday, December 8

EU donates 100 million doses of coronavirus vaccines to eight African countries

The European Union and the European Commissionhave closed an agreement for donate 100 million doses to eight African countries, within the framework of the European bloc’s commitment to send at least 500 million doses to low-income countries in 2022.

This announcement comes after the common front agreed with the United States to reinforce vaccination globally and achieve 70 percent immunization against the virus by the middle of next year.

The bloc will send 496,800 vaccines to Niger, the same number that Guinea will receive. For Mauritania 144.00 will go, while the Central African Republic will benefit from 302,400; Togo of 633,600; Republic of the Congo of 230,400 and Djibouti 50,400. For its part, Nigeria will be the country that receives the most doses, 2.76 million.

These donations are the result of the agreement reached with Johnson & Johnson and are part of the efforts to accelerate vaccination globally.

In Europe, there are huge differences in vaccination between continents, Africa is the furthest behind in the immunization campaign with only 6 percent immunized.

To this end, Brussels has committed to allocating 300 million doses to poor countries before the end of the year, as well as other 200 million during 2022 through the mechanism COVAX, launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) to guarantee access to treatments against the virus.

The President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, has celebrated that with this commitment the EU is getting closer to its promise to mobilize at least 500 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine to vulnerable countries.

“We will continue to share vaccines. At the same time, we will support the increase in vaccine manufacturing capacity, especially in Africa ”, said the German conservative.

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