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Euro 2021: how and when to watch the final England vs. Italy | Digital Trends Spanish

The iconic Wembley Stadium will be the setting for the historic final of the European Championship between England and Italy this Sunday, July 11. There is no doubt that they have been the best teams, so what everything suggests that it will be an intense duel. We tell you how to watch England vs. Italy.

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The setting could not have been more appropriate for England. Not only could Gareth Southgate’s team win their first European Championship title at home, but it would also be their first since 1966, the only time they were crowned world champions.

With the inspired Harry Kaney and Raheem Sterling in the lead and Jordan Pickford in goal – who managed to add 721 minutes without conceding a goal – the English hope to erase the failure of the 1996 Euro Cup, when playing at home they were left on the road in semifinals against Germany, who would be the champions.

However, Italians also have theirs. In their fourth final of the Eurocup, they aspire to add their second title. The first was achieved in 1968 playing at home, while they lost the 2000 finals to France and 2012 to Spain.

With figures such as Federico Chiesa and goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma – the hero in the penalty shootout against Spain – the Italians present their 33 games without knowing defeat as their main letter of introduction. The last one was in September 2018.

How they reached the final

Harry Kane celebrates after scoring against Denmark in the semi-final of Euro 2021. The Tottenham Hotspur striker was one of the English figures at Euro 2021. Gettyimages

On the way to the final, Italy recorded five wins and only one draw, in the semi-final against Spain, while England only gave up points in the first phase against Scotland.

Phase Italy England
Rival Outcome Rival Outcome
1st date Turkey 3-0 Croatia 1-0
2nd date Swiss 3-0 Scotland 0-0
3rd date Welsh 1-0 Czech Republic 1-0
Eighths Austria 2-1 Germany 2-0
Rooms Belgium 2-1 Ukraine 4-0
Semifinals Spain 1-1 (4-2) Denmark 2-1

How and where to see England vs. Italy

Federico Chiesa celebrates after scoring against Spain in the semifinal of Euro 2021-
The young Federico Chiesa celebrates after scoring against Spain in the semi-final of Euro 2021. The Italians add 33 matches undefeated and dream of extending the record beyond the final. Gettyimages

The England vs. Italy will be played on July 11 at 8:00 pm local at Wembley Stadium (London) and will be broadcast on the following cable channels and platforms of streaming.

  • Argentina (4.00 pm):TNT Sports and DIRECTV.
  • Chile (3.00 pm):TNT Sports and DIRECTV.
  • Colombia (2:00 pm):WinSports and DIRECTV.
  • Mexico (2.00 pm):Sky, Blue To Go Video Everywhere, TUDN, Blim TV and Channel 5 Televisa.
  • Spain (9.00 pm):TeleCinco Spain and Mitele Plus.
  • United States (12:00 pm PST / 3:00 pm EST):SiriusXM FC, Univision, TUDN and ESPN.

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