Monday, January 17

Europe increases anti-Covid measures. Sánchez asks for tranquility

Spain, once again, wastes precious time in the reaction to stop the rapid expansion of omicron. While most European countries continue to increase anti-Covid measures with a view to the Christmas holidays, the Spanish Government has not yet put anything on the table.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, in an institutional statement made today, calls for the meeting on Tuesday afternoon with the regional presidents to agree on possible measures.

The meeting is held only 48 hours after the celebration of Christmas Eve, with the numbers of contagions soaring.

“Europe’s data is worse”

Meanwhile, Sánchez asks for peace of mind and remembers that although the data on infections in Spain are bad, those of the rest of Europe are worse.

“The first conclusion we must draw is that vaccines work,” said the president. “A year ago, no injection had been inoculated and today the vaccine reaches 90% of the population over 12 years of age, that is to say, there are almost 38 million Spaniards with the complete guideline ”, has affirmed Sánchez.

In addition, he stressed that ten million people have already been immunized with the booster dose and that childhood vaccination, the top priority today, is proving to be a “success”, with 5% vaccinated in just three days. “Vaccination is the best weapon against the virus and we want to preserve it,” he insisted. Although he also recalled that it is necessary to continue using the mask “because the virus continues.”