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European Court confirms millionaire fine against Google | Digital Trends Spanish

The General Court of the European Union confirmed a millionaire fine imposed on Google in 2017 for having violated antitrust legislation.

According to the European body, the company would have failed to comply with the regulations by using its search engine to promote its comparison shopping service and thus harm its rivals.

Google and its parent company Alphabet tried to appeal the decision, but the General Court dismissed the appeal, for which the company will have to pay about $ 2.8 billion.

In the ruling of this Wednesday, November 10, the EU court affirmed that it had seen enough evidence that the behavior of the technology company in this area was harmful.

According to the court, the firm had violated antitrust law “by favoring its own comparison shopping service on its general results pages through more favorable viewing and positioning, while relegating the results of competing comparison services on those pages through classification algorithms ”.

The judges also noted that the company has not shown that the effectiveness of its system outweighs the negative effects on competition and they reject the argument that they should not be subject to any sanction.

The fine indicates that the conduct in question was carried out intentionally and not through negligence.

Google and Alphabet have the option of appealing again to the highest court of the EU to plead for this millionaire sanction and propose another type of solution.

For this, the company has a period of two months and 10 days to return to protest before the European court.

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