Wednesday, December 6

European Tech School partners with Nomadic Labs

The European Tech School, promoted by the creators of the Europea Blockchain Conventionhas announced an agreement with Nomadic Labs to delve into the business and professional training on the technologies and developments associated with the blockchain. Nomadic Labs is one of the largest research and development centers within the tezos ecosystem, blockchain network based on smart contracts. Based in Paris, Tezos brings together more than 50 engineering researchers who work on the development and evolution of its own protocol. Nomadic Labs provides technical support in France, Luxembourg and Belgium. With this agreement it intends to spread its ‘know how’ also in Spain.

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Blockchain It is one of the most demanded elements in the search for new technical personnel for companies. Blockchain is expected to grow from around $5 billion in 2020 to around $67.4 billion in 2026.

“The shortage of blockchain professionals as the industry grows is a well-documented concern around the world. Our goal is to help as many people as possible get trained and start a career in blockchain,” says ETS co-founder Victoria Gago. The students of the European Tech School They learn in groups of 25 to 30 people through a combination of live classes, materials that allow the process to be adapted to the student’s pace, teamwork, personalized comments, selected readings and a final project. The programs are practical and results-oriented. “Tezos is the most advanced self-updating and efficient blockchain ecosystem in the world, which uses the ‘Proof-of-Stake’ consensus algorithm. This algorithm, also known as proof-of-stake or by the acronym PoS, is a consensus protocol for distributed networks that secure transactions or contracts between participants in the network.It wants to be an alternative to the proof-of-work that bitcoin is based on.ETS co-founder Daniel Salmeron believes that having Nomadic Labs as a partner will put ETS students at the forefront of the technical knowledge needed to implement new business developments in the future.