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European Union warns: DO NOT download apps from the Qatar 2022 World Cup | Digital Trends Spanish

With the Qatar World Cup 2022 At the oven door, the official applications for authentication in the Middle Eastern country, in addition to those required by the country’s authorities, constitute a danger to data privacy, as mentioned by the European Union.

European data protection regulators have been lining up to warn of the risks Qatar World Cup apps pose to visitors, Germany’s data protection commissioner being the latest. In a release The Germans said the data collected by two Qatari apps that visitors are asked to download “goes far beyond” what the apps’ privacy notices indicate.

“One of the apps collects data on whether and with which number a phone call is made,” the German authority said. “The other app actively prevents the device it’s installed on from going to sleep. It is also obvious that the data used by the apps not only stays locally on the device, but is also transmitted to a central server.”

German data chiefs say that if it’s “absolutely necessary” to download the apps, do so on another blank phone.

The norwegian regulator said for his part that he was “alarmed” by the wide access required by the applications. “There is a real possibility that visitors to Qatar, and especially vulnerable groups, will be monitored by the Qatari authorities,” he said.

The French agency said fans should take “particular care” with photos and videos, recommending that travelers install the apps just before departure and remove them as soon as they return to France.

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