Monday, July 26

Euskadi proposes limiting high-flow activities from 00:00 to 6:00 without a curfew

The technical commission that advises the crisis table of the health emergency in Euskadi, the body known as Labi, has issued this Wednesday a proposal to limit mobility, crowds or ‘no parties’ at night, specifically between midnight and six in the morning. Specifically, it refers to groups of “non-cohabitants” in public spaces in that time slot. The Basque Government is going to make it clear that it is far from a curfew, since the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) has made it clear, contrary to other chambers in areas such as Valencia, that the Restrictions of fundamental rights do not fit with regional regulations apart from a state of alarm.

Euskadi is around a thousand positives in 24 hours without a decision on whether the measures will be toughened

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This is a minimum adjustment to the restrictions currently in force in the Basque Country, according to the sources consulted, and it would not affect schedules, capacity or even the possibility of walking or traveling freely at that time. It will not even require an extraordinary meeting of the Labi, since it will be resolved with a minor change in the regulations in force. Of course, the draft decree is already drawn up for entry into force “as soon as possible”, for next weekend. It is simply a matter of trying to put a stop to moments of agglomeration of people, especially young people, with a high risk of contagion. It is one more step in the line of last week of expressly prohibiting bottles, although it is already a practice not allowed in general terms. Municipal complicity has been sought for its implementation.

For the rest, the committee of experts that advises the Labi has issued an opinion in which it proposes to maintain the block of measures in force in the expected time, that is, until a new session of the table of crisis. Already last week this same decision was adopted in the conviction that the explosion of cases and the accumulated incidence cannot be measured in the same way as in previous waves, since it is not having the same impact on hospitals or on fatality. In fact, so far in July there have been no deaths while the rate has almost quadrupled in a short time.

The official argument is that beyond introducing new measures, what has to be done is to comply with all the current ones. And to this is added a recommendation: to wear a mask at all times, also on the street now that it is no longer mandatory. “Mask, mask and mask”, the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has claimed in a public ceremony.

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