Thursday, July 7

Euskadi recovers nightlife without dancing until two in the morning and reopens gastronomic societies

Exactly ten months (304 days) ago that the body known as Labi, which is the crisis table for the health emergency in Euskadi and is competent to harden or make more flexible measures, decreed the closure of nightlife in Euskadi due to the then incipient new wave of the pandemic. The Justice ratified those restrictions at the end of that month of August, since before it had frustrated a previous attempt. This Friday, a new meeting of the Labi has agreed to authorize the opening of ‘pubs’ and discos until two in the morning, although with nuances. They must adapt to the characteristics of cafes, bars and restaurants, that is, without a dance floor (licenses 1 and 2, not 3 and 4). The general hours of the hotel business have also been extended, until now limited until midnight. However, the most important news of the day has not come from the Labi but from the central government: from June 26 the use of masks in the street will be relaxed.

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This Friday’s Labi – along with the news about the masks – has meant the largest de-escalation since those distant days of August when the second health emergency was decreed, although since the state of alarm ended on May 9 against the criterion of the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, the measures have been softened little by little. In reality, the bulk of the measures that have been modified had already been announced on May 31, when the decree still in force was approved. Urkullu then listed nine points that would be touched when the incidence dropped from 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. This has occurred this week and, in fact, that indicator of infections now stands at 125. The ICU has also gone from an alert level 3 out of 5 to 2 out of 5 and hospital occupancy has never been so low since August. Another revealing data: there is only one municipality (out of 251) in red alert due to high community transmission (rate above 400) while there are 106 who do not accredit any active case at this time.

This list of nine measures, in the absence of specifics, is as follows: 1) Extend the hours of hospitality and cultural activities beyond midnight; 2) Expand capacity in commerce, fairgrounds, markets, outdoor cultural events and centers of worship; 3) Expand the maximum capacity in events such as theaters; 5) Increase from four to six the number of people per table in the hospitality industry; 6) Open the gastronomic societies, which have been down for months; 7) Expand the groups that can practice sports indoors; 8) Allow audiences at sporting events such as soccer stadiums; 8) Allow an expansion of groups of people in tourist activities; and 9) Expand the outdoor capacity of swimming pools, gardens, hotel terraces and campsites.

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