Tuesday, October 19

Euskadi recovers the discotheques thirteen months later, although it will advance its closing time to three in the morning

A great de-escalation of restrictions was announced in the Basque Country due to the fall in the incidence of COVID-19 but the crisis table of the health emergency, the body known as Labi, has chosen to open its hand only halfway. In the words of the Lehendakari, it is “a step forward” for a phase of “hope” but a message that full normality is not yet possible. According to what was agreed this Friday, the great news is that nightlife with tracks of dancing, although with a closing time at three in the morning (or earlier, depending on the license) and 50% capacity. Of course, drinks cannot be made standing up or at the bar, only at tables.

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General capacity percentages will also be maintained for activities (75%) and, although broad, there will still be a ceiling of eight people per table in indoor catering (more flexible outdoors). The measures would go into effect this weekend. As for the public at sporting events, the ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of the Basque Country (TSJPV) has led Labi to conform to the general proposal of the Ministry of Health. That is, in soccer fields 60% of the public may be allowed and in basketball courts with more than 5,000 seats the percentage will be 40%.

The experts who advise the Labi have found a decrease in all the indicators of the pandemic -in the case of slower hospital pressure- but the current scenario does not reach the one considered as the end station to deactivate many of the preventive measures, less than 60 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days. The latest data was more than double (147.2) and since the second health emergency was activated in mid-August 2020, it has never been achieved. What’s more, current data is still higher than the minimum prices for the great summer wave, which started from an incidence base of 99. And, in light of the latest comparative report from the Ministry of Health, the highest data among the communities (except for Ceuta and Melilla) are the Basques and Cantabrians.

Perhaps the most anticipated announcement by the affected sector was that of the reopening of the premises of groups III and IV, that is, pubs and discos. In fact, unless they have been converted to type I and II establishments -common hospitality- to remain open, they have been closed for more than a year. On August 18, 2020, a closure was decreed just two months after the end of the first state of alarm. Euskadi was already the only community in the environment at night with the blind down. There will be a dance floor and the hours will still be limited until three in the morning, which is the widest option that has been had since last summer. The maximum that Labi had authorized was two in the morning at the beginning of this summer season.

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