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Eusko Alkartasuna completes the third attempt to place Eva Blanco in front but is still pending before the courts

Eusko Alkartasuna (EA, a party integrated into EH Bildu) completed this weekend the third attempt to appoint Eva Blanco (Amurrio, 1973), who is also vice-president of the Basque Parliament, as general secretary. The party has celebrated this weekend in Bilbao the repetition of the congress that it already convened in February and has ratified the agreements and appointments of then, provisionally suspended by the Justice as were the primaries of 2019, the first time that Blanco took office training direction. In both cases the courts intervened due to challenges from the powerful critical sector, which has not participated in the debates and votes this weekend and which has disqualified the appointment as a “pseudo-congress”.

The magistrate of the first EA trial prevents the press from accessing Eva Blanco’s statement

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EA has lived installed in the division for five years. In 2017, critics already fought in congress and were left with 14 delegates of the then secretary general, Pello Urizar. Urizar resigned early, in 2019, and a primary process was opened. The alternative candidacy to Blanco, that of Maiorga Ramírez, a parliamentarian in Navarra, was annulled for not reaching the minimum number of endorsements in one of the five territorial organizations that make up the party, that of Iparralde. But the courts considered that their participation rights were violated in a ruling approved in two instances but appealed by the party before the Supreme Court.

The management organized a congress for February and implied that their appointments already resolved the interim cancellation of the primaries. It was held in Vitoria, but critics boycotted it with a parallel assembly in which they approved papers contrary to the official line and even a governing team parallel to Blanco’s. Likewise, they went to court and managed as a precautionary measure to have the agreements of that weekend annulled. The party has organized the Bilbao conclave to endorse everything that came out of February and try to put an end to the interim. Although it is Blanco’s third appointment at the head of EA, it is doubtful that critics will drop his protests since they consider that only primaries would solve the gap opened in 2019.

Both sectors only communicate in court. Thus, the results of the EA congress offer an unusual -and unreal- image of almost unanimity in the agreements. Blanco’s management discharge came out without votes against and his re-election with 93.2%. The reform of the statutes intended in February is now endorsed with 89.92% of the votes. And the political presentation has been renewed with 89.08%. On this point there are also strong differences, since critics defend “independence” from Sortu in EH Bildu. They accuse the brand of the abertzale left of engulfing the minor partners of the confluence and even raised limiting the relationship to attend specific elections together. The mirror is the relationship that EA had in the past with the PNV, purely electoral.

On Saturday, Blanco accused critics of boycotting any party act that they know they have lost. In fact, they tried to have the congress suspended until the last minute. They maintain in the official sector that they want to win in the courts what comes to them with the internal majority. “Today and tomorrow they will have ballot boxes and ballots. And they didn’t want to come. Why haven’t they come? Because they know they are going to lose. They will do the circus, like other times, ”he declared before the media early on Saturday. In parallel, also in Bilbao, dozens of local EA coordinators opposed to the management denounced the irregularities that they understand to be happening organically. The party quickly replied that they only represented themselves and that they had “violated” the “rights” of their bases by refusing to collaborate with the celebration of the congress.

The critics came to control three of the five territories, Álava, Gipuzkoa and Navarra, as well as local organizations such as Pamplona. The previous congress already changed the election model for these positions and territorial congresses are no longer held. Moreover, in the case of Navarre, affiliation aligned with the official line is practically non-existent. The three EA councilors in the City Council of the capital are critical, for example. Of course, the previous territorial coordinators of Álava, Gipuzkoa and Navarra, as well as Ramírez himself, are now temporarily out of the party. They were filed in a maneuver that EA defines as “suspension” and those affected as “expulsion”. This week two trials have been held with all the elements on the table.

This Sunday, after the proclamation, Blanco has not hidden his “fed up” with the internal war. In Basque, the word chosen has been “nazkagarria”. “I don’t know what will happen to our party. What I do know is that we are going to defend it as we have done so far or better if possible ”, has solemnized a general secretary who has promised her audience that the congress this time is “irreversible”. For this reason, she has asked those of “if the ball is not mine, I’ll poke it and nobody plays here” to get to work “finally” to “develop the political project” validated in the conclave.

With Blanco, Maider Otamendi has been appointed as Head of Organization and Asier Gómez as Head of Communication. The rest of the national executive is made up of Nerea Martínez, Iker Ruiz de Egino and Lorena López de Lacalle. Local coordinators have also been appointed, who are Rakel Goñi in Bizkaia and Miren Urreiztieta in Iparralde, as well as Estitxu Martínez de Iturrate in Álava, Mikel Arreseigor in Gipuzkoa and Nerea Gartzia in Navarra.

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