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Evacuation in Afghanistan | How many people has each country drawn?



Today, August 27, the Spanish Army has terminated the evacuation mission of Afghanistan after ten days in which an unprecedented military operation has been carried out in the recent history of our country. Thus, thanks to established airlift between Kabul and Dubai, it has been possible to remove from the country conquered by the Taliban more than 1,900 people, among Afghan collaborators, family members and Spanish personnel and from other countries.

After the double attack in the vicinity of the kabul airport, who has left behind at least 95 fatalities and more than 140 injured, other European countries have also announced their latest evacuation plans, such as Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Poland or Sweden. The United States, for its part, will continue with the evacuation until the next August, 31, deadline for the Taliban. In fact, its spokesperson, Suhail Shaheen, he assured the British channel ‘Sky News’ that extending the deadline would mean crossing a “red line” and that if he did so there would be “a reaction.”

In total it is estimated that more 200,000 people, among foreigners and Afghan collaborators, have been evacuated from the airport’s only runway Hamid Karzai de Kabul since just two days before the fall of the capital in the hands of the Taliban began the largest air operation in history.

According to the data provided by the different governments that have participated in the operation, USA It is the country that has been able to remove the largest number of people from Afghanistan, since as confirmed by the latest information updated by the White House, there are already a total of 105,000 evacuees on US soil.

The United States is followed United Arab Emirates, whose government assured last Thursday, August 26, that it had helped evacuate 36,500 people to date, including some 8,500 people who have arrived in the country through its domestic airlines or airports. Emirates is followed Pakistan, with 22,400 evacuated, as it is the main alternative to air evacuation when bordering the Afghan country.

As for the European powers, United Kingdom, with 13,700 evacuees and Germany, with 5,347, are those that head this ranking of countries that more citizens have managed to evacuate.

Despite the high numbers, there are several powers that fear that they will not be able to remove all the Afghans who collaborated with the international troops and embassies and who, therefore, are under the Taliban threat. Thus, the British government has announced that it will focus its efforts on the evacuation of British citizens and others who have already been authorized to leave and are at the airport and no more people will be called to the airport for the evacuation, which will end in a matter of hours. This country “has entered the final stages of its evacuation mission in Afghanistan and no more people will be called to the airport to leave“Defense confirmed in a statement.

Wednesday night Poland, with 1,300 people evacuated, it was one of the first Western countries to announce its withdrawal after the Kabul attacks. The Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Supplement, said his nation made the decision not to continue operations after consulting with US and British officials.

«After a long analysis of the reports on the security situation, already we cannot risk the lives of our diplomats and of our soldiers“, said.

Hungary, with 540 evacuees and Belgium, with 1,400, they followed in the footsteps of the Polish Government. Today, August 27, the last flight from Denmark, with about 90 people on board, including soldiers and diplomats who had used until the last minute to facilitate the transfer of Afghan collaborators.

Too France The evacuation operation from Afghanistan will end tonight, after 2,600 people reached French soil.

Spain ends the evacuation in Afghanistan

Spain announced this morning that the evacuation operation in Afghanistan it is finished. Thus, the two A400 aircraft from Kabul have landed in Dubai with 81 Spaniards who still remained on Afghan soil, including personnel from the Embassy and soldiers from the Army and Air Force, 4 Portuguese soldiers and 85 Afghan collaborators from Spain. Portugal and NATO.

“It has been a very demanding mission. Changing in operability. Receiving last minute orders to land in Kabul. Always ‘in extremis’, against the clock. And with the condition of tremendous security problem at the gates of Kabul airport, as we verified yesterday where the worst of the threats was fulfilled, “a military source familiar with the mission, in which some 130 troops have worked, told ABC.

Total 17 aircraft have participated in evacuation efforts since last August 18, three days after the takeover of Kabul by the Taliban. Thus, on the first day, the first plane arrived in Spain, with only 53 passengers. The second plane arrived on the 20th, with 110 passengers, and on the 21st the third, with the same number of evacuees on board. On the 22nd two planes arrived with 177 people, on the 23rd another two planes with 260 and on the 24th three planes, with 433 people inside. On the 25th there were two planes again, with 292 evacuated and on the 26th, three planes, with 381 people. Today’s two planes, the last ones, carried 170 people on board. A) Yes, Spain has managed to evacuate a total of 1,980 people.

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