Tuesday, November 30

Even less Playstation 5: Sony applies more cuts due to a crisis of components that leaves no puppet with head

Did you think the Steam Deck delay was going to be the only bad news today caused by a shortage of components? Sorry to be a messenger of bad news, but even the PlayStation 5 itself has had to lower (yes, even more) its sales expectations. Half a year ago there was even talk of increasing it, but nothing at all.

We go back to the past: now more PS4 are sold than PS5

Sony aimed to manufacture 16 million units of its new console in the twelve months of the fiscal year ending in March 2022, and has been forced to reduce that amount by 15 million as they have been able to know and Bloomberg. The fewer units manufactured, the less sales. Less sales, less income.

And although the PlayStation 5 cannot complain about your sales rate, Sony’s CFO already admitted at the end of October that logistics and component problems have led to that pace has dropped below the sales of the PlayStation 4 (Nintendo has also been forced to make cuts as we learned a week ago.)

From Engadget they also comment Another cause of the delay that makes the situation worse: an irregular distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in those countries where essential components are manufactured. In Spain we can be satisfied with our situation, but the pandemic is still tough in other countries.

So for now, the panorama will continue to be what we have seen over the last twelve months: stocks that appear suddenly (our colleagues from VidaExtra notify us of your arrival and we witness how they sell out in a matter of a few minutes). Forecasts indicate that 2022 will gradually improve the situation, but it will take a lot of patience to see how everything returns to normal.

Image | Marcos Ferreira


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