Tuesday, September 28

Every cloud has a silver lining

The false report of the young man from Malasaña that shocked practically all of us two days ago, was cleared in less than 48 hours by the action of the police in charge of investigating hate crimes. It is a paradigmatic example of confirmation of the veracity of the saying that gives this article its title.

In most of the comments that I have heard and read, I have found that the emphasis was on the behavior of the young man, that is, on the evil with which the saying begins. I want to put it in the good with which it ends.

Because this is, in my opinion, the most relevant part of the incident. That a 20-year-old is not able to manage the relationship with his partner and instead of telling him the truth, he invents an operation to mask what had really happened, is much more than a regrettable fact, but little more.

What is most relevant to me about the incident is that the false report has not endured 48 hours of investigation by the police. The inability for a false report in this area to pass the filter of the police investigation is indicating to us that it is the exception that confirms the rule.

Today we can be sure that false complaints in this area have no history and that, consequently, the complaints that have occurred and that have been increasing in recent years have been true. The irresponsible behavior of this young man from Madrid supports the presumption of veracity of the complaints that have been filed to date. The tree in this case allows you to see the forest.

It is also a deterrent to the temptation to make false reports. If so far there have been no false reports, there will be fewer from now on. Because now everyone knows that lies do not strain. It is not, consequently, a torpedo on the waterline of the demands of the LGTBI collective, as has been written in an editorial in the right-wing press, but quite the opposite, regardless of the intention of the young man who falsely denounced. The fact that the incident has been resolved in less than 48 hours is an incentive for members of the LGTBI group who suffer an attack to file the corresponding complaint. They can count on a police force who knows how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The false report is the only negative of this incident. Everything else is positive. The general rejection by the whole of society and the police reaction. Rather than diminish our sense of security, the incident has contributed to it. Especially among the group most affected by hate crimes.

The latter is what I prefer.


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