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It was going to be a movie, but it will end up as a series. One that is sure to be spectacular. We talk about the HBO series of The last of us, inspired by one of the most poignant, visceral, violent and generally human video games of the contemporary era. Under the tutelage of Craig Mazin, who already rocked television with Chernobyl, the series of The last of us It promises to be one of the great television events of the next few years, so here we tell you everything we know about the series The last of us by HBO, including its release date, trailer, and cast.

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The Last of Us series release date

The series of The last of us It does not have a release date yet, but since its filming only began on July 5, 2021, and is expected to last until June 8, 2022, it is most likely that we will not see a premiere until 2023.

The long production period makes us think that either Craig Mazin and the HBO team are working on a production of the highest caliber, or that perhaps more than one season of the long-awaited series will be produced.

The Last of Us series trailer

There is still no trailer or even a teaser for the series of The last of us from HBO. However, what we do have are some leaks with videos that allegedly correspond to one of the recording sets of the series.

The leaks were published by the Twitter account @TheLastofUsNews, which so far is the best source of information in the long-awaited series. Among the leaks are close-ups to scenes in which Pedro Pascal, who will play Joel, rides alongside Bella Ramsey, who will carry Elly’s co-star.

New video of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey riding a horse on the set of #TheLastofUs.

(Via: amyharleysgal_she_her / IG | @PedroPascalNews)

& mdash; The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 27, 2021

Other leaks published by the same source show various segments of the footage in which Pascal and Ramsey ride horses.

Chills. Literal chills. #TheLastofUs

🎥 @ximenesjp

& mdash; The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 24, 2021

Pedro Pascal (Joel) and Bella Ramsey (Ellie) filming #TheLastofUs.

Our favorite duo ❤

& mdash; The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 24, 2021

In the game, horseback riding is crucial in the development of the story, since it narrates key events and serves as a kind of narrative bridge between the sections where the player has an active role and in which he is limited to watching the fantastic cinematic scenes from the game created by Naughty Dog and Neil Druckman.

Joel, Ellie and Callus.

“What kind of name is Callus, anyways?”

🎥 @nanemaldo

& mdash; The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 23, 2021

The Last of Us series: what will be the story or plot

stealth games

For now we only have the general synopsis of the series, which is quite similar to that of the video game The last of us.

20 years after a plague decimated civilization, survivors cling to life in harsh quarantine zones. Outside, fierce infected and ruthless human bandits await them. For Joel, day to day usually consists of going about his own business, but when he is tasked with accompanying young Ellie in search of the Fireflies, a resistance group, both will put their will to survive to the limit.

Precisely, another of the leaks from the @TheLastofUsNews account shows that at least in the scenarios there will be clear references to Las Luciérnagas. Also, by confirmation from the cast actors we know that Gabriel Luna will play Tommy, Joel’s brother. From these facts we can speculate that, most likely, the history of the series of The last of us is based on the plot of the first game in the series.

When you & # 39; re lost in the darkness…

& mdash; The Last of Us Updates (@TheLastofUsNews) November 23, 2021

The Last of Us series actors: cast confirmed

A photograph of British actress Bella Ramsey

Besides Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones) in the role of Joel and Bella Ramsey (Resistance, Game of Thrones) in Elly’s, it is known that Gabriel Luna (Terminator: Dark Fate) will play Tommy, Joel’s brother.

They will also participate in the series of The last of us Anna Torv (The Newsreader) in the role of Tess, Merle Dandridge (Jesus Christ Superstar for Broadway) as Marlene, and Nico Parker (Dumbo) playing Sarah Miller, Joel’s late daughter.

Who runs The Last of Us series?

A photo of producer and screenwriter Craig Mazin

Although Craig Mazin will act as producer and scriptwriter, everything indicates that the series will be under the direction of different people in its different episodes. Of course, it is known that the pilot will be directed by the Russian Kantemir Balagov, who among his most notable works has Beanpole: a great woman.

For fans of the video game, perhaps the best news is that screenwriter Neil Druckman will be involved in the development of the series.

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