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One of the most successful soap operas returns to Telemundo screens, and its premiere promises to be one of the most important television events of 2022 for Latin audiences. We talk about Pasión de Gavilanes 2, which will premiere in February 2022 on Telemundo to continue the story of the Reyes brothers and Elizondo sisters 19 years after the premiere of the first part of the iconic story. Keep reading, here we tell you everything we know about Pasión de Gavilanes 2.

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Pasión de Gavilanes 2: when does it begin

Through a post on Instagram, Telemundo confirmed when it starts Passion of Gavilanes 2. The premiere is scheduled for February 2022, although there is still no specific date, so it is most likely that it will be in the first days or weeks of 2022 when we know exactly what day it opens. Passion of Gavilanes 2.

Pasión de Gavilanes 2: which actors will be in the return

The best news for fans of Passion of Hawks is that the sequel will feature practically the entire original cast, including Mario Cimarro as Juan Reyes and Danna García in the role of Norma Elizondo.

Next we say which is the confirmed cast of Passion of Gavilanes 2:

The new season of Passion of Hawks It stars Danna García, Mario Cimarro, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Natasha Klauss and Paola Rey, with a special participation by Michel Brown. Zharick León, Kristina Lilley, Carmenza González and Tatiana Jauregui also rejoin.

An image of Pasión de Gavilanes 2

The star cast is completed by Sergio Goyri, Bernardo Flores, Sebastián Osorio, Juan Manuel Restrepo, Camila Rojas, Alejandro López, Yare Santana, Jerónimo Cantillo, Germán Quintero, Constanza Hernández, Ángel de Miguel, Boris Schoemann, Jacobo Montalvo, Jhonatan Bedoya, Sebastián Vega, Valeria Caicedo, Katherine Porto and Álvaro García.

Pasión de Gavilanes 2: trailer and plot

As you can imagine, we already have a trailer that reveals part of the plot of Passion of Gavilanes 2.

Without having too many details, for now we know that the plot of Passion of Gavilanes 2 It is set 20 years after the end of the first part, with a new and tragic crime shaking the Reyes Elizondo family to its core. As a result of this crime, an investigation is initiated that points to one of the Reyes Elizondo couples as possible culprits, which triggers new dramatic events in the search to prove their innocence.

What will be the plot of Pasión de Gavilanes 2

Natasha Klauss, who plays Sarita Elizondo, gave a short statement on what she thinks of the plot of Passion of Gavilanes 2: «We have already received a long synopsis where they have obviously told us what the second season of Passion of Hawks and I want to tell you … In my particular case, I could not imagine something so well written », he pointed.

Pasión de Gavilanes 2: where to watch online

The audience will be able to watch the chapters live or catch up through the Telemundo app, available in Google Play Store and Apple Store or in The new episodes will also be available the next day on the streaming service. Peacock.

Also, you can join the conversation (and find out about spoilers!) On Telemundo’s social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

And if necessary …

Pasión de Gavilanes: where to watch online

An image from the soap opera Pasión de Gavilanes

The easiest way to watch all 188 episodes of Passion of Hawks it’s Netflix. The streaming service has all the episodes of the iconic telenovela, where by the way, it is available with English subtitles in case you want to share this iconic Latino story with American friends or family.

Pasión de Gavilanes on Netflix

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