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Everything we know about the game New World, the first MMORPG from Amazon Games | Digital Trends Spanish

Amazon Games is about to debut in the world of massively multiplayer online RPGs (MMORPGs) with New World, an ambitious title that has you exploring the supernatural island of Aeternum in the company of hundreds of other adventurers. It was announced several years ago so there is little we don’t know about New World, even though the game won’t debut until later this year.

Maybe Crucible represented a bad time for Amazon Games, but the studio seems to be on the right track with its new project. From quest missions to item crafting to PvE and PvP, this is all we know about New World.

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Release date

New World It’s already been delayed a couple of times. And after a round of beta testing that ended in August, the study decided to delay it once more, this time until next September 28. According to the developers, postponing its release date will allow them to implement the feedback they received during the closed beta.

We don’t know if delaying it will cause new features to be included, but Amazon Games said that you can expect a more stable game, with better performance and generally more polished thanks to the new release date.


According to Amazon Games, New World it will be unique to the PC. Of course this could change depending on its popularity, but we can’t make a judgment just yet. For the near future, we hope that the developers will focus on perfecting the game before considering a PlayStation or Xbox adaptation.


There are a lot of trailers and videos with gameplay of New World In Internet. However, if you want to catch up without spending hours watching videos on YouTube, we recommend you take a look at the official trailer for 2019, the one for the closed beta earlier this year and the This is Aeternum trailer, which offers a good overview of the world that you can explore from September.

Official trailer

Closed beta trailer

This is Aeternum Trailer

And if you can’t wait for the release on September 28, you can take a look at the official YouTube Play channel New World, where you can find tons of additional trailers and behind-the-scenes content.


Like any MMORPG worth your time, New World You will have a wide variety of PvE, PvP content, quest missions, and item crafting tasks. However, before embarking on any task you will have to create a character and choose one of three factions: Marauders, Syndicate or Covenant. You will have to pay attention to which one you want to belong to, since you are going to face the other two in the multiplayer PvP of New World.

New World PvP content

The multiplayer PvP (where you play against other players) is called “War” (War) and will be the main competitive mode of the game. Face two teams of 50 players between attackers and defenders, and the battles consist of seeing which faction manages to control a territory. Controlling them will give each side a number of benefits based on their specific location.

Another game mode you can participate in is Outpost Rush, a unique combination of PvE and PvP available to players who have completed the basic content of the game. Here two teams of 20 players confront each other and fight to obtain resources, secure guard posts and various objectives.

In addition to these two game modes, you will find forts scattered throughout Aeternum that can be controlled by any of the three factions. These outposts are not like the ones you fight in War and Outpost Rush games, so it is easier to participate in these battles without much planning involved.

New World PvE Content

If Outpost Rush is too PvP for you, New World has quite a lot of PvE content (you play against enemies controlled by the game).

Expeditions is going to sound familiar to MMO veterans. Here you will explore dungeons in the company of other players, they are in mysterious locations at the bottom of Aeternum and there you will find “deadly enemies and you will discover the enigmas of the island”. All expeditions have their own story and as you pass them you will have exclusive equipment and rewards that you will not get elsewhere. So far we know that there will be two Expeditions, but surely the number will increase in the weeks and months after its release.

Invasions is another PvE mode, here you will be part of a group of 50 players who will have to face hordes of monsters that attack a territory controlled by your faction. If they lose, some of the items within your territory will reduce their power. For now, invasions are planned to occur every four days, so it is best to prepare well with your team to ensure that your territory is well protected.

Unique Action combat system

An image of the video game New World from Amazon Games

Whether you are in any PvE or PvP mode, you are going to use the Unique Action combat system. Connoisseurs describe it as a mixture of The Elder Scrolls Online Y Guild Wars 2, hence New World it forgets about the focus system using the tab key that most games of the genre use to use a much more action focused system.

Amazon Games says it wants to “emphasize position, aim, and timing” in which the player executes an action, and based on gameplay previews, it seems to work well. As you progress in your adventure your skills will level up and you will unlock powerful new skills; In addition, you can change your style of play simply by changing the equipment you use in battle.

Searches, manufacturing and more

Although PvE and PvP will be the most exciting part of New World, is not the only thing that Amazon Games will bring to the table. Crafting objects, furnishing your lair and selling items at trading posts or completing story missions round out the experience of New World.


It is still unknown what the plans will be for the DLC (downloadable additional content), but it is a fact that New World will have post-launch content and expansions in the coming months. As players finish all the base content and reach the endgame, it will be necessary to have new quests, PvP and PvE modes, as well as missions that keep you coming back for more. We expect Amazon Games to detail plans for the DLC in the weeks following the release of New World.


An image of the video game New World from Amazon Games

There are two editions of New World available for pre-purchase. The Standard Edition includes some pre-purchase bonuses, while the Deluxe Edition includes plenty of exclusive content for use within the game.

New World Standard Edition – $ 39.99

  • Isabelle’s amulet
  • Unique Expedition One title
  • Fist Bump emote
  • Guild crest set

New World Deluxe Edition – $ 49.99

  • Woodsman armor set
  • Woodsman hatchet skin
  • Mastiff house pet
  • Rock / paper / scissors emote set
  • New World digital artbook
  • Isabelle’s amulet
  • Unique Expedition One title
  • Fist Bump emote
  • Guild crest set

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