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Everything you need to know before hiring a real estate agency

The choice of the real estate is one of the most important steps during the sale of a home. However, it is common for owners to consider a single option when choosing, which generally corresponds to neighborhood real estate agencies or large franchises, although these are not always adapted to their needs.

For all this, from the financial and real estate comparator They explain what options currently exist to sell an apartment in Spain and how you can find the best real estate based on the needs of each seller.

There are different types of agencies that adapt to different profiles

The current real estate market offers many alternatives to sell a property: traditional agencies are one of them, but there are also online and even iBuyers, which are companies that buy houses with cash. Each of these business models are designed for different audiences.

In this regard, from HelpMyCash they assure that “after analyzing the real estate market in depth, we have come to the conclusion that many of the differences and disagreements that exist between real estate companies and sellers are born from the lack of coincidence between the services offered by the former and the former. needs of the latter. For this reason, we are sure that the first step to find the best real estate is to know the different options offered by the market and opt for the one that best suits the seller’s needs ”.

For this reason, it has developed a real estate comparator with which users can analyze what type of agency is most convenient based on their particular needs.

Traditional agencies for those who prefer personalized treatment

Traditional real estate companies agree when the seller is willing to pay a relatively high commission, which represents between 3 and 7 percent of the sale price of the apartment, in exchange for the agency taking care of all the necessary procedures and receiving a more personalized treatment, they affirm from the comparator.

However, they warn that “it is very important to be attentive to real estate brokerage contracts when hiring this type of agency”, since on many occasions their contracting conditions and exclusivity requirements are not very transparent.

However, this does not imply that traditional agencies are not a good alternative. On the contrary, from the comparator they assure that, in many cases, the problem is not that the agencies do not offer a correct service, but that the conditions are not adapted to the needs of some sellers.

Therefore, they insist on the importance of knowing the different options offered by the market and analyzing the coincidence between these and the specific expectations of the owners.

Online real estate for those who want to save money on commissions

Online real estate agencies, meanwhile, are a good option to sell an apartment if the owner prefers to save money on commissions, but is willing to actively participate in the sale.

Online agencies are up to 50 percent cheaper than traditional real estate. But this saving is in exchange for the owner participating in some steps of the sale, such as conducting visits or managing some documentation.

In turn, the salespeople who are usually comfortable with this business model are those who have a digital profile and have no problem in interacting with their agent through email or by phone.

A person who does not master the Internet or who prefers face-to-face contact will feel more comfortable with a traditional agency than with an online one; While a seller who knows the technology will find in these agencies a good alternative, especially because they can save money on fees.

The iBuyers for those who want to sell in record time

Finally, although they are not actual agencies, there are also the iBuyers, which are companies that buy houses for cash. The business model of these companies involves a quick sale, in which the seller does not have to handle any paperwork. Therefore, they are a good alternative for those who have an urge to sell and do not want to carry out any type of paperwork.

“But iBuyers tend to buy houses for prices below market prices, therefore, they will only be a satisfactory option for those willing to sell for a lower price,” they conclude from HelpMyCash.

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