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Evidence of a volcanic macro event found on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

According to NASA, a region of northern Mars, known as Arabia Terra, experienced thousands of super volcanic eruptions over a period of 500 million years.

According to agency scientists, these are the most violent volcanic explosions ever known.

These eruptions released water vapor, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide into the air, breaking through the Martian surface about 4 billion years ago.

“Each of these eruptions would have had a significant climatic impact; perhaps the released gas caused the atmosphere to thicken or block the Sun and cool the atmosphere, “explained Patrick Whelley, a geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

“Martian climate modelers will have to do a bit of work to try to understand the impact of volcanoes.”


After blowing up what could be equivalent to 400 million Olympic pools of molten rock and gas, a volcano of this magnitude collapses into a hole known as a caldera.

Seven calderas were found in Arabia Terra, which were the first indications that this area may have hosted volcanoes capable of erupting in these super-eruptions.

The intention now of the researchers is to determine how thousands of these explosions could have been produced in a given space and period of time.

According to the researchers, these types of volcanoes could also exist in some regions of Jupiter’s moon Io or on Venus.

Scientists hope the findings from Arabia Terra will provide new information about the geological processes involved in the formation of moons and planets.

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