Thursday, October 6

‘Evil Extremism’: Ojete Calor’s ode to laugh at the equidistance of the ‘cuñaos’

“Neither homophobia nor homosexuality, neither Nazis nor Jews”, reads one of the verses of Evil Extremismthe new single from the duo Ojete Calor, an ironic disco bombshell whose video clip It has arrived this Thursday on social networks.

Directed by Angelo Moreno, the video – just over 6 minutes long – begins by parodying an interview with the group in which the comedian Ana Morgade plays a music journalist.

“What do you think of empowered women?” asks the reporter. Carlos Ojete and Aníbal Calor (the alter ego of the musicians and actors Carlos Areces and Aníbal Gómez) respond: “Well, look, neither machismo nor feminism to us.”

A response that in its day was given, among other famous people, by the bullfighter Fran Rivera (“machismo is as dangerous as feminism”), or the actress Paula Echevarría (“I define myself as a person. I think you don’t have to be a feminist or sexist. Extremes are never good for one side or the other”).

Dressed in their unique outfits, the video clip then shows Areces and Gómez singing and dancing in a school classroom, a battlefield in which far-right sectors in Spain wage a war against what they consider “indoctrination” and “gender ideology” ( and that in reality they are nothing more than human rights and civil liberties).

But Carlos Ojete and Aníbal Calor do not agree: extremes are never good: “neither fascism nor democracy…”. That is the ironic thesis of Evil Extremism: “When someone asks you, impartially say ‘no Nazis, no Jews,’ and that’s it. Bad extremism, don’t be radical, not everything is black or white, not everything is ‘black’ or ‘white’. Life is easier without thinking. It also shows the video clip extremes just as bad of a relaxing facial massage and having your face trampled…

The duo Ojete Calor was founded a decade ago by the couple of actors, coming from the comic factory of Niñada Nui. They define their musical style as ‘subnopop’. His are seriously hilarious hymns like Sincerity Not Asked, Mocatriz and even a version of Agapimú with Ana Belén herself broadcast during the hardest period of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

With no restrictions of any kind, Carlos Ojete and Aníbal Calor will perform at the WiZink Center in Madrid on November 12.

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