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Ex-CEO of PlayStation believes that Game Pass is not sustainable | Digital Trends Spanish

The Xbox Game Pass is very convenient for users, by price and catalog. However, there are some skeptics of a service like this and one of them is Shawn Layden, former president of PlayStation, who believes that such a business model seems difficult to sustain.

In an interview like Games Industry, Layden indicates that “it is very difficult to launch a game that costs $ 120 million, on a subscription service that charges $ 10 a month.” According to the former PlayStation executive, the numbers do not hold up: “it will be necessary to have 500 million subscribers to recoup the investment.”

And how can you reach that number of 500 million subscribers? According to Shawn Layden, that is the most complicated part because the market for consoles is not infinite and for decades, the number of users who buy one has remained at 250 million.

(Christian Petersen / Getty Images)

Added to this is the fact that video game production and development costs are increasing with each generation. Today’s games imply that there are more people working on them and the demands of the public, in audiovisual matters, are greater.

Shawn Layden believes that perhaps the future happens because solutions like Xbox Game Pass can reach users who do not necessarily have a console, something that Microsoft is already doing with a service of streaming like xCloud. However, the technology of streaming and Internet connections are still not up to the minimum expected for these services to be massive.

An image of Xbox Game Pass

While Shawn Layden’s words make sense, it’s worth mentioning as well that games like Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5 They will be offered through Xbox Game Pass but will also be sold under the traditional format. Therefore, the subscription payment is not the only channel that allows companies like Microsoft to recoup their investment.

Without going any further, a game like Outriders, which was released on Game Pass at its premiere, was one of the best-selling titles at launch even though it was offered as part of the subscription.

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