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Exaluminal: an AI that will place REM when the world ends | Digital Trends Spanish

The day when our end as humanity comes, it will possibly sound for the Alexa speakers rem’s song It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, warning that we have 1 hour to live.

That’s the purpose of exaluminalan AI that is programmed to notify the crash of a supernova with the Earth.

“Simply by plugging Exaluminal into a wall outlet and connecting to the local Wi-Fi network, Exaluminal will silently wait for the demise of Earth. When Extraluminal receives a signal from the Extraluminal service, it will sound an alarm warning you of Earth’s impending doom,” says the slightly wacky science startup.

How does Exaluminal work?

During a core-collapse supernova, a star will release thousands of times its normal output of photons, neutrons, and other particles. These photons radiate outward at the speed of light in their medium and can take hours or more to travel to the surface.

The neutrinos released by the supernova form the basis of the Exaluminal service by serving as a warning of a local supernova, up to an hour before the Earth is destroyed.

The Exaluminal service detects these neutrinos by uniting half a dozen neutrino observatories around the world. By correlating neutrino flux measurements from these observatories, the Exaluminal service serves as an early warning system for local supernovae. This data is sent to a small alarm device that works on your local network to receive warnings from the Exaluminal service.

Exaluminal plugs into an existing wall outlet and connects to the Internet through your local network.

After connecting to your network, Exaluminal connects to the Exaluminal service to receive minute-by-minute updates of neutrino flux data. When a possible local supernova is detected, Exaluminal sounds a loud audible alarm, warning you of a possible upcoming supernova.

Exaluminal handles many messaging protocols, including CoAP Y MQTT. Integration with cloud services allows Exaluminal to control other home IoT devices. Yes, Exaluminal will tell your Alexa to play It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

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