Thursday, January 27

Exceeding 300 km / h in the air: China shows its chest with an eVTOL that will compete with Lilium

EVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) are accomplishing something crucial to their popularity: competition. While we have been seeing the advances of companies like Lilium, in China also they have been working hard for unveil its eVTOL proposal with Pantuo Aviation.

China wants to win the tech and regulatory race to get eVTOLs off the ground

What you can see in the header image and in the video above is the Pantala model, with capacity for five seats and what they claim as “a high level of autonomy.” The company promises a speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour in the air, thus surpassing the highs of Lilium’s eVTOLs. What is maintained is the range, greater than 250 km. It could take us from Valencia to Murcia in about 45 minutes.

The Pantala would achieve these figures with 22 rotors spread over four wings, two front and two rear. At the moment we can only see computer-generated images of the vehicle, with the prototype construction shrouded in secrecy. But something must have advanced if it is already talking about speeds and autonomy.

China’s regulation to put eVTOLs in the air is also advancing at a better pace than the European or American ones, with and that is also an important step to start seeing these vehicles making routes in our cities. We’ll see if this gets Western manufacturers and regulations on the gas.