Friday, September 30

Exchange CryptoMarket expands its services in Latin America with its new platform

Key facts:
  • CryptoMarket provides 8% of global liquidity.

  • With the update of its platform, new services were included, such as margin trading.

The cryptocurrency market continues to grow, especially in regions such as Latin America. Therefore, the CryptoMarket exchange decided to launch a new platform, in order to reach a greater number of people and allow them to access the industry in a simple way.

CryptoMarket provides its customers state-of-the-art financial solutions that traditional services, such as banks, cannot offer. An advanced security system, a simple and intuitive platform, a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and low fees are some of the factors that make this exchange one of the leaders in the region.

CryptoMarket: the Latin exchange with a high liquidity of international markets

CryptoMarket is a cryptocurrency trading platform that currently operates on Argentina, Chile and Brazil. However, the company revealed that its goal is to expand to more Latin American countries, such as Colombia and Peru, and reopen in Mexico and Europe.

Rafael Meruane, the CEO and co-founder of the exchange, commented: “Our goal as a company is connect more people in a new financial system, that is inclusive and decentralized. We will open markets in more Latin American countries and we will continue to reach more people “

This exchange has 8% of global market liquidity, which makes it one of the largest and most important platforms. An advantage of CryptoMarket is that it allows its users to buy or sell digital assets with local currency. Its platform is ideal for both beginners and experts, as it has functions that are well adapted to all types of users.

There are more than 100 trading pairs on CryptoMarket, and its commission is only 0.09% to 0.04%, one of the lowest in the market. The exchange has advanced trading tools, as well as charts with data from TradingView. Cryptocurrency trading is a really quick and easy process, although in case of doubts, the company has online support to provide support efficiently.

What’s new at CryptoMarket?

In September, the company announced the launch of its new platform. The goal behind this update is to make it easier to operate. The “Simple” section, in which it is possible buy or sell more than 50 cryptocurrencies with local currency and with a commission of only 1%, it is still available. But more features were added.

With the option “Convert”, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another without the need to use fiat currency, as there are more than 100 crypto-crypto pairs on the platform.

For more experienced users, Exchange Pro it is ideal. Advanced charts and multiple trading tools are just some of the new features. A wide variety of order types were included, including:

  • Market Order.
  • Market Order con Stop Price.
  • Limit Order.
  • Stop limit Order.
  • Stop Loss Order.
  • Time in Force.
  • GTC (Good-Till-Cancelled).
  • IOC (Inmediate-Or-Cancel).
  • FOK (Fill-Or-Kill).
  • Day Order.
  • GTD (Good-Till-Date).
  • Scaled.

Another service of interest is the margin trading, with which users are allowed to trade with leverage of up to 12x. In this way, they can magnify their earnings and increase the profitability of each investment. In addition, it is possible to trade short, that is, to make a profit when the price of the asset falls.

With over half a million users, CryptoMarket plans to keep expanding. And according to Meruane, the platform update is just the beginning. Do not miss the news of the exchange and enter its Web page and social networks: Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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