Friday, December 3

Execution of the Autopista – Puerto de Vacamonte highway begins for $ 57.8 million

The President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, participated in the act of the first shovel that gives Start of the rehabilitation and expansion works of the Autopista-Puerto de Vacamonte highway, in the district of Arraiján, province of Panamá Oeste, a cost of $ 57.8 million, and expected to generate 250 direct jobs and more than 500 positions indirectly.

The Chief Executive stated that This important road represents progress for the province of Panama Oeste because, in addition to improving the fluidity of vehicular traffic, It will favor the connectivity of the port of Vacamonte, one of the main fishing ports in the country.

Vacamonte, with 42 years of service to the fishing industry, currently serves a fleet of more than 200 ships that supply seafood for export to the United States and Europe, “said Cortizo Cohen.

The president added that public investments are part of the priority actions within the Government’s strategies for economic recovery and job creation. “It isThe $ 57.8 million work is in addition to many other projects in progress that create direct and indirect job opportunities, channeled through the Community Employability program of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development created in March of this year ”.

President Cortizo Cohen stated that the 5 kilometers of road that connect the highway with the port of Vacamonte will now have four lanes for cars and a bicycle lane, and the vehicular bridge will be expanded to six lanes. Also included is a new cloverleaf interchange with four ramps that will facilitate direct traffic access to and from the Arraiján-La Chorrera highway.

The Vacamonte Corridor Consortium is in charge of the study, design, construction and financing of this highway, which should be ready in November 2023 and with whom I know plans to generate 250 direct jobs and more than 500 jobs indirectly, as part of the country’s economic reactivation plan.

The Minister of Public Works, Rafael Sabonge, stated that the project contemplates the rehabilitation of the existing streets that connect with this highway, Expansion to four traffic lanes (two outward and two return) with rigid pavement, central island with landscaping adaptation, curb-gutter, grass and sidewalks on both sides.

“Today we are optimistic about the start of work on this important project that has a great impact on Arraiján and because it also connects with the next coastal highway, and between these two works, traffic should be reduced by 17% on existing roads “Sabonge mentioned.

The work includes the rehabilitation and expansion of the superstructure and substructures of the existing vehicular bridge over the highway, to allow the construction of six traffic lanes, a cycle lane and the works of a new cloverleaf-type interchange with four ramps that allow direct traffic movements with the highway.

Other Complementary structures include the design and construction of a vehicular overpass with a roundabout and marginal roads of incorporation, for which the construction of ramps for accesses based on mechanically stabilized walls (MTA) has been planned.

The contractor will be responsible for the quality of the works he builds, must carry out the environmental study of the project, as well as carry out the traffic studies that support mobility.

The company must also design and build access to the Ciudad Esperanz projecta, and maintain communication with the contractor in charge about the future connection of the Chumical-Veracruz project.

The vehicular overpass with road interchange (vehicular bridge) on the Arraiján-La Chorrera Highway in Vacamonte it must contemplate four branches and road easement.

The contractor must design and build a bicycle lane with all its considerations of changes of slope, including lighting and safety elements (dividers, lane division, access slopes, safe stop areas).

Participants in the event: the Vice Minister of Public Works, Librada De Frías; the Vice Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Roger Tejada; the governor of the province of Panama Oeste, Sindy Smith; the deputies Roberto Ábrego and Marilyn Vallarino; the mayor of the Arraiján district, Rollyns Rodríguez, and other local authorities

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