Monday, March 20

Executive ends special procedure for the acquisition of goods and services due to health emergencies

The Cabinet Council approved the draft Cabinet resolution 130-21, which declares concluded the term for the use of the special procedure for the acquisition of goods, services or works, based on Law 6 of 2006, decreed by Cabinet Resolution 11 of March 13, 2020, which established the state of national emergency.

This resolution reiterates that se maintains in force the extraordinary measures of a social and economic nature, As the Solidarity Plan, the Digital Voucher and food bags, adopted by the Executive Branch as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Said Resolution 130-21 specifies that All the sanitary measures contemplated to combat the Covid-19 pandemic remain in force.

The Vice Minister of the Presidency, Carlos García, explained to the council of ministers that the entities that requested resources for the special emergency procurement procedure in order to meet requirements until December 31, 2021They will have a maximum until the last meeting of the Cabinet Council in April 2022, to present the report on the actions, date when the 2021 budget concludes and is settled, in accordance with the budgetary rules.

Said detailed report of the purchases made, will be published in the electronic system of public procurement Panamá Compra, no later than 5 business days following said presentation.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance presented for approval of the Cabinet Council the Draft Cabinet Resolution No. 131-21, which consolidates the figures authorized to government entities in charge of dealing with situations related to the State of National Emergency originated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, during the years 2020 and 202l.

The Cabinet Council determined the need to consolidate the figures of all the institutions that made purchases during the state of emergency, to honor the commitments until 2021.