Friday, December 3

Executive regulates the elaboration of artisan cosmetics to promote MSMEs

The National Government promulgated Executive Decree # 875 in the Official Gazette, which regulates the elaboration of artisan cosmetic products in the Republic of Panama. The rule will allow entrepreneurs to legalize, by having access to a sanitary registry, which will allow them to sell in Panama, even abroad.

By means of this norm that enters into force as of November 19, the date of promulgation, the activity of the production of artisan cosmetics is legalized and the registration process for companies dedicated to this institution activity is streamlined.

The Secretary General of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Authority (Ampyme), Shalima Murillo, expressed her satisfaction with the entry into force of the norm, after considering that andIt is an aspiration of more than 70 years of entrepreneurs, micro, small businessmen dedicated to this activity.

It is provided in Decree # 875 that bears the signature of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen and the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, that for the elaboration of artisan cosmetic products, Interested parties must register with the National Directorate of Pharmacy and Drugs of the Ministry of Health and in the Ampyme, where in addition to the identification documents of the artisans they must include the list of products to be made, as well as the raw materials to be used.

It is established that those who are dedicated to the elaboration of artisan cosmetics They must complete mandatory training at least three times a year.

It will be necessary to register the establishment in which the products are made, premises that must comply with certain adaptations for the walls, floor and ceiling that allow easy cleaning, stainless steel table, implements and exclusive tools for this activity, metal shelves, plastic or slats to store the products or materials to be used.

What’s more, must comply with biosecurity measures such as the use of masks, gloves, glasses, hair covers, aprons and others that guarantee the cleanliness and safety of the area and the products that are made in these establishments.

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