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Exercise while you eat: this is the new McDonald’s idea | Digital Trends Spanish

It seems that McDonald’s wants its brand to stop being associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. To do this, the American fast food chain would have used a somewhat peculiar and controversial method.

As we have seen in a TikTok video that has gone viral, McDonald’s has installed static bicycles in some of its restaurants located in China that act as seats. In this way customers can exercise while consuming the caloric food served in these restaurants.

The video shared by the user cris13yu has already accumulated 36 million visits on the social network. In it we can see a girl pedaling while enjoying a hamburger and a soda.

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mc da china kkkk amei a ideia

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It is unclear if the action taken by the restaurant chain will serve to counteract the negative image associated with its business. In fact, the company made headlines recently after a study by New York University’s School of Global Public Health suggested that McDonald’s tends to target its social media advertising more to minors located in the Netherlands. income.

According to experts, this practice would have negative impacts on public health in developing countries, since it is the largest fast food company in the world and operates in 101 countries.

McDonald’s responded to the study said that the study is not representative of the global content that it publishes on its social networks, and that habitually promotes actions to promote healthy eating in minors.

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