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Experience with the Huawei MateStation X as an external monitor | Digital Trends Spanish

The Huawei MateStation X ratifies the firm as a reliable manufacturer of computers. It is an all-in-one machine – the first of its kind from the Chinese company – that can also be used as an external monitor. Once we have tested its benefits as a PC, let’s talk about the experience it leaves when linking a recent MacBook Air (the one that integrates the M1 chip), that is, in its second screen mode.

The display of this all in one It is a 28.2-inch Full View and has a 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,560 pixels), an aspect ratio of 3:2 and a maximum brightness of 500 nits. It also includes a five-layer AR coating that reduces panel reflections by up to 50 percent.

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We analyzed the MateStation X as a monitor in two aspects: that of productivity and that of entertainment, with favorable results in both cases.

Productivity Boost

If it’s going to be put permanently on the desk, it’s pretty much a given that any 13-inch laptop — like the MacBook Air with the M1 chip — will need an external display, especially for productivity. Well, the Huawei MateStation X is ready to meet the highest demands in this regard.

For the connection between both devices we use a USB-C to USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) cable, and to put the machine as a secondary panel you must right-click on the main Windows interface and choose the alternative of show more options in the menu that is displayed; in the new list it is enough to select the icon of Use as monitor.

Everything will depend on the requirements of each person, but it is possible to display the web browser, Word and a video window simultaneously on the big screen, with a more than optimal size for each alternative. The laptop’s display can be left free for the purpose of running Spotify or replying to instant messages, for example.

It’s also handy to shut down the laptop while it’s running and perform all tasks on the MateStation X panel, which is best when the cable connecting the two computers isn’t long enough. Of course, it is necessary to keep in mind that in a video call the camera of the laptop must be used, not the one that integrates the PC (it is not activated when the machine is used in monitor mode).


A Huawei MateStation X all-in-one computer on a desk.

If the productivity section is left aside, it is not daring to say that the MateStation X screen was designed exclusively for the reproduction of all kinds of streaming content, from platforms such as Apple TV Plus, Netflix and HBO Max .

The colors look intense and the contrast level is optimal, suitable in order to have the best experience when it is time to relax with an episode of a series or a complete movie. It also helps that you can draw on, here, the integrated sound of the larger screen, which, in addition to being powerful and clear, is made up of three full-range speakers and a woofer powered by Speaker Active technology. Machine de Devialet.

Sure, for those looking for more immersive sound experiences, you have the option of wirelessly enabling your AirPlay-enabled speaker or soundbar from your MacBook Air, to continue the example from the beginning of this article.

In this scenario, video playback comes from the laptop, picture quality is delivered by the MateStation X, and detailed audio comes courtesy of the system that accepts Apple’s wireless standard.

Satisfactory results also occur when still images are displayed or a clip is played on YouTube. As we mentioned, it seems that the MateStation X’s display was emphatically made for multimedia playback.


It is true, the interesting (or the most functional) of the MateStation X comes when it is used as a computer, as an all-in-one. However, its monitor mode, which opens the possibility of linking a MacBook, does not stop falling well in some situations.

It is also true that in this mode you need the (physical) buttons that other monitors do integrate with the intention of achieving a more personalized image, especially in color and contrast.

This is forgotten when playing multimedia content, since it seems that the screen of the machine was made to give its best in every minute of viewing. Thus, the only problem that people face is having a really comfortable chair to enjoy a good entertainment session.

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