Wednesday, February 21

Experts from the UN nuclear agency arrive at the Zaporizhia plant despite the fighting

The mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) sent to examine the Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, controlled by Russian troops since March, is already in that facility, as reported by the Ukrainian nuclear agency Energoatom and has confirmed the own organization.

“The IAEA Support and Assistance mission to Zaporizhia, led by director Rafel Mariano Grossi, has arrived at the plant to carry out the necessary nuclear safety and safeguard activities,” the agency that depends on the United Nations has written in your Twitter account.

The arrival of the 14 inspectors that make up the team of the United Nations nuclear agency has not been easy. Today they have seen their trip interrupted for three hours, according to what the IAEA spokesman, Fredrik Dahl, told CNN and The Washington Post. The convoy has been detained for three hours in an area under Ukrainian control after it left this morning for the city of Zaporizhia, located about 120 kilometers from the plant, after the director himself, Rafael Grossi, warned that “the risk was very high” due to the upsurge in fighting in the area.

This same Thursday, in addition, one of the plant’s reactors had to be shut down after new bombings and attacks in the nearby area and of which kyiv and Moscow accuse each other, according to Energoatom. However, the Russian Ministry of Defense has assured that the situation is “under control”.