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Experts warn of addiction to cryptocurrencies | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent times, cryptocurrencies have become more popular, especially after the positive opinions expressed by some celebrities, such as Elon Musk.

The problem is that health professionals have watched with concern how some people have become addicted to these virtual currencies, which can cause a significant risk to mental health, particularly in a pandemic context.

Professionals liken this phenomenon to gambling addiction and find similarities to Wall Street traders, whose investments can become out of control.

An epidemic of our times

From Castle Craig, a rehab clinic located in Scotland, they have defined crypto addiction as a “modern epidemic”.

On its website, the institution explains that the problem is more common among men, however “this could be due to the fact that women operate in cryptocurrencies less than men,” they acknowledge.

An AFP article shows the case of Matt Danzico, a designer and journalist who became addicted to cryptocurrencies during the COVID-19 health crisis.

“I spent sleepless nights tossing and turning, trying to get the graphics out of my head. I thought I was freaking out, “he says in the note.

Danzico was unsuccessful in trading cryptocurrencies and witnessed how money saved over the years was “won and lost in a short period of time.”

He acknowledges that he became unstable and his emotions changed abruptly during this period. His wife, meanwhile, claims that he became anxious and irritable.

The professional sought professional help to deal with this problem. During the time that he dealt with the addiction, he saw with concern how the number of people who dared to bet on cryptocurrencies grew.

“We are talking about tens of millions of people who trade cryptocurrencies,” he explains.

“If a small fraction of those people get hooked, it would be a huge potential for mental breakdowns on a scale that I don’t think the world has seen before.”

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