Monday, May 29

Exports grew by 20% compared to 2019

The data was reflected in the new Foreign Trade Report January 2022 of the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency -dependent on the Argentine Foreign Ministry-, which collects, synthesizes and analyzes statistics on trends in trade in goods and services at the global, regional and local levels.

Within the framework of the objectives set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship, led by the Foreign Minister santiago cafiero and through the Secretariat of International Economic Relations, in charge of Cecilia Todesca Bocco, the report highlights that in December 2021 exports were registered for US $ 6,587 million, being the highest December in history. With a total import of USD 6,216 million, the trade surplus reached US$371 million, and accumulated a total surplus for 2021 of US$14.7 billion.

In the annual accumulated, foreign sales reached US$77,934 million, the highest since 2012, with a year-on-year growth of 42%. Brazil, China, the United States, India and Chile were the main destinations of foreign trade, accumulating 40.5% of the total exported.

exports of Primary products and of Manufactures of Agricultural Origin they obtained a record record for December. Settlements of cereals and oilseeds marked a historic amount in the last month of the year, with sales for USD 2,678 million, as well as for the annual total, which reached US$ 32,806 million and were located 61.8% above 2020.

On the other hand, exports of Manufactures of Industrial Origin registered the highest December since 2013 and those of Fuel and Energy the highest December since 2012.

The report also indicates that the annual external sales of automobiles and light commercial vehicles reached 259,287 vehicles, thus exceeding the levels of 2019. The item showed a positive year-on-year variation of 14% in December, and 3.4% more compared to the same month of 2019. As for the annual accumulated, in 2021 they reflected a notable increase compared to with 2020, being 88.6% higher (+15.6% compared to 2019).

The results obtained are consistent with the work carried out within the framework of the Public-Private Council for the Promotion of Exports, which has the participation of around 300 chambers and entities linked to foreign trade. In addition, the Argentine Foreign Ministry accompanied exporters throughout 2021 through numerous commercial promotion actions in different foreign markets and presented the Export Plan for Development 2022, which stimulates a package of policies and tools to generate export capabilities, lines of financing and technical assistance to improve the international insertion of Argentine production.