Friday, September 30

External CSS queries return to normal

The General Director of the Social Security Fund (CSS), Enrique Lau Cortés, announced that it has given instructions for return to normal all external consultations, such as dentistry, elective surgeries, among other services and added that a reengineering is being carried out, reconverting the Hospital Complex “Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid ”in a No Covid-19 hospital.

Stated that In Panama City, all patients with this virus must be referred to the Covid Hospital in the City of Health, where there is a specialized team to deal with these operations and at the national level, the facilities are prepared, according to a press release from the CSS.

For its part, Alex González, national executive director of Health Services and Benefits of the CSS, clarified that in the learning process that they have had with Covid-19, throughout the year, they realized that it was possible to alternate and that as the cases decreased, sand began the partial openings from the month of March, instructing the personnel of the unitsSa that a gradual opening of the external consultations took place and later, in the month of April the surgeries were opened.

He further stressed that fortunately thanks to vaccination and that the population has maintained a very strong adherence With biosafety issues, it was possible to achieve a decrease in cases in the country; thanks to that, the queries have been ordered to be fully opened.

“Doctors, dentists and peripheral care have to start seeing the number of patients in a normal way, always taking care of biosecurity measures, since the pandemic is present. With this, dentists, for example, must see their 16 patients and general practitioners and specialists must attend to all of their patients, according to the norm, ”explained González.

He stressed that with that guarantees to improve the offer due to the great demand of patients that as a result of the pandemic, obviously, they were late in their appointments and could not go to the units.

On the subject of surgeries, important processes have been initiated, since not only were elective surgeries opened, but the transplant program has also been opened, which is already active, allowing patients to operate in the Hospital Complex, strengthening the approach to important surgeries such as: cardiovascular, cataract surgeries, which is a large delay that is currently in place, and the possibility of working days is being established to be able to complete the surgeries, he explained.

In the case of the Hospital Complex, it has recovered as a No Covid-19 hospital, there is only a small room with 6 beds and an intensive that has been left to specifically attend to patients with coronavirus who cannot be transferred to the City of Health, because they require some specialty that is not installed in this executing unit “, noted Dr. González.

Special exams, specialized team

Regarding the issue of specialized equipment, Lau Cortés indicated that for some strange reason, certain diagnostic equipment and tomographs were damaged at the same time and the board of directors had to be asked for approval for the cEmergency purchase and installation of two new equipment in the “Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid ” and a third will be installed in the “Irma de Lourdes Tzanetatos” Hospital.

What’s more, New tomographs are being put out to tender to be placed in medical facilities in the provinces of Colón, Chiriquí, Veraguas, central provinces, Coclé, Panamá Oeste (La Chorrera) and at the Hospital “Dra. Susana Jones Cano ”, with which the sites that do not have this equipment will be provided and will gradually replace those that have more than ten years of use.

“We are also equipping our executing units with nuclear magnetic resonance equipment, state-of-the-art ultrasounds and other equipment to continue performing surgeries. We hope to have this ready for the first four or five months of next year, ”said Lau Cortés.

Use of technology

Other topics that were addressed were technology, where the CEO stated that the Covid-19 forced to make rapid transformations and among them, which is that now, all procedures for health services can be done digitally.

We have eliminated the files, which were previously requested, because we have implemented a system of “validation of the right”, where the insured only has to present his identity card and the public servant who attends him, has the responsibility of validating the right through a digital system, ”stated Dr. Lau Cortés.

The CSS also has digital offices dwhere a significant number of patients are attended, in remote locations, using digital means.

A significant number of retirees are being paid. 98% of retirees and pensioners are charging through online banking, ACH system and through any digital payment method, in addition to the fact that on the subject of medicines, a rethinking is being made from the moment the prescription, until the moment the patient receives the medicine ”, explained Dr. Lau Cortés.

It is expected that at the end of January the drug voucher can be put into operation, which will begin with a pilot plan in some regions of the country. with two medications (amlodipine and irbersartan) both hypertensive, which represent about 70% of the complaints, for when these are not available in the CSS pharmacies, the patient will be loaded with the prescription on his card and he will be able to go to a pharmacy where it is registered, so that you can receive your medicine at no extra cost.

He added that for the first quarter of next year, there will be an application so that the person from their cell phone, you can find out where the medicine you need is and go to pick it up.