Friday, December 3

Extremadura begins the exhumations of Francoist graves in Castuera, Miajadas and Feria

The Ministry of Culture of the Junta de Extremadura has started this week the campaign of exhumations of graves of reprisals of the Civil War and the Franco dictatorship in the cemeteries of Castuera (Badajoz) and Miajadas (Cáceres) and in the enclave known as the well “Salamanco Chico”, near the Badajoz town of Feria.

The first remains found in Castuera, where the exhumation work began this past Wednesday, seem to correspond to victims of the Francoist repression that took place in that town, close to the war front during the entire war and in which a concentration camp was located. at the end of the war.

Meanwhile, in Miajadas location surveys are being carried out at various points in the cemetery where, according to the testimonies collected in previous investigations, the graves are found.

These activities are developed through a contract formalized between the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports, the Extremaduran company ANTA-Arqueología and the Aranzadi Scientific Society, and have a budget of 90,000 euros. The interventions are carried out by multidisciplinary teams made up of professionals from Archeology, Anthropology and History, as well as assistants specialized in these tasks.

The proceedings provide for visits by relatives of the reprisals during the time they last, to whom psychological assistance will be provided if they need it, as prescribed by the national and international protocols for the search for victims of enforced disappearances.

Throughout this process, close contact and collaboration with family members and victims’ associations also allows for more precise and rigorous work to be carried out.

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