Wednesday, March 22

Extreme cold causes trees to explode in Texas | Digital Trends Spanish

A severe storm that hit North Texas left more than 40,000 people without power. Residents have also reported loud noises due to trees bursting due to low temperatures.

According to experts, the water in the tree sage freezes and expands more than the bark is capable of containing, causing the branches to swell and then snap, causing a loud pop.

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The scared neighbors affirm that the explosions of the trees due to the cold are heard just like the shots.

Falling trees also knock down others in a kind of domino effect that has also affected power lines.

According to the authorities, it is a bad weather front that has had Texas as one of the states most affected by this emergency.

“We’re dealing with one of the largest icing events we’ve had in the state of Texas in decades,” said Governor Greg Abbott.

In recent days, thermometers have marked temperatures as low as 14 degrees below zero, forcing Abbott to issue a disaster declaration for 17 counties.

During the winter of last year, Texas experienced significant power grid failure due to snow storms.

In that season, about 4.5 million homes and commercial premises lost power and it is believed that 240 residents may have died in the middle of this bad weather front.

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