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Facebook Accused of Copying Patented Haptic Glove Technology | Digital Trends Spanish

The haptic gloves for the Metaverse recently introduced by Meta are already causing controversy. A company called HaptX ensures that what is behind the gloves is exactly the same as the patents they have in their possession; in other words, that Facebook would have copied their technology.

The HaptX release it is quite explicit and does not leave Meta on a good footing. “The main components of this prototype, including the silicone-based feedback laminate and pneumatic control architecture, appear to be identical to HaptX’s proprietary technology,” says Jake Rubin, founder and CEO of HaptX.

Rubin also says that so far they have not been contacted by Meta, but they hope that contact will occur and thus reach “a fair agreement” that takes into account HaptX’s concerns about the use of technology and that “allows them to use our innovative ideas in their future products. “

The statement further emphasizes that HaptX has already worked with other virtual reality companies in the past and that they have always believed that “cooperation is the key to developing our industry.”

“Over time, we have received the visit of Meta engineers, researchers and executives, to whom we showed them our haptic technology,” says Rubin, as if to leave no doubt about the spirit of his statement.

Meta has not issued any comment on the subject until the time of writing this article. However, it is worth remembering that the company assured that haptic gloves have been in development for seven years and that they believe that some important advances in technological terms are still missing for these to become a reality.

Given the complexity of the situation, for sure that this issue will reappear in time, either because both companies reached an agreement or because a judge and a court end up as mediators. And that last thing would not be anything strange if indeed there are patent registries involved.

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