Saturday, November 26

Facebook allowed anti-vaccine ads to run | Digital Trends Spanish

According to an article by CNN, Facebook would have allowed various anti-vaccine ads to be published on its platform.

According to the outlet, one of the ads compared the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to the Holocaust, while another sold T-shirts that read “I am originally from the United States, but I currently live in 1941 Germany.”

According to the report, the companies behind these ads would have paid between $ 280 thousand and $ 500 thousand dollars.

This complaint does not correspond to the recent announcement made by Facebook, which pledged to remove ads that irresponsibly claimed that vaccines could harm children.

The platform recently claimed to have removed more than 20 million content as part of its efforts to combat misinformation and fake news on its social network.

Although the Meta company claimed that advertisements comparing vaccination to Nazi Germany went against its disinformation policies, it nonetheless allowed this content to be published.

In the CNN article, researcher Laura Edelson noted that this was because the company does not manually review all ads, so you can expect some of them to simply pass this review.

In addition, the platform has a weaker moderation system when it comes to commercial pages compared to what happens on pages linked to political campaigns.

This complaint adds to the series of criticisms that Facebook has received this year for its lack of concern for the privacy of users on the social network.

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