Sunday, October 1

Facebook communities will now have chats like Discord | Digital Trends Spanish

This Tuesday, September 13 Facebook introduced a feature that brings you ever closer to Discordpeople can connect with their communities on time, both on Facebook and Messenger, to discuss the topics that matter to them through text, audio or video.

“Today, Mark Zuckerberg announced that over the next few weeks we will begin testing a feature that people can use to start Community Chats in Messenger, allowing them to create a Facebook Group, start conversations and voicemail channels, and invite others to join your new group, all within the app. We will also expand Community Chats to even more Facebook Groups.” the social network in a statement.

Community Chats allow people to connect more deeply with their communities in real time, around the topics that matter to them in multiple formats, including text, audio, or video. The experience seamlessly blends Messenger and Facebook Groups to let people connect when, where and how they want. Admins can now start a conversation on a topic and get responses right away, instead of waiting for people to comment on a post.

Admins can choose from several options to help their communities connect. They can start an open chat for a member of the Group, a event chat for an outing or meeting, a read-only chat for administrators to announce updates to the entire Group and a admin chat for collaboration between administrators and moderators. Administrators can also create audio channels for group members to share live feedback for an event or receive real-time support. Participants also have the option to enable video once they are in the channel.

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