Friday, October 7

Facebook Develops Haptic Gloves to Play the Metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

The Metaverse will not just be a virtual reality world that can only be seen, but not touched. Because Meta (formerly Facebook) is developing haptic gloves that will allow the objects and sensations seen in the Metaverse to be felt and touched.

For this, there will be appropriate technology that is already being created in the Meta laboratories and that will be these gloves that “can replicate a range of sensations within virtual worlds” and that include “textures, pressure and vibration”.

Haptic technology already exists in devices of mass use and without going any further, the DualSense control of the PlayStation 5 includes buttons and haptic sensors, which make the triggers change their sensitivity or their resistance when pressed according to the game, for example.

Meta is exploring a similar system, which is still in the early stages of development. But the company has an interesting approach to this technology, starting with the recognition that current technology “cannot replicate the physics of the real world in virtual reality”; then, the goal is to achieve a combination of not only haptic, but also auditory and visual stimuli that “convince those who wear gloves that they are feeling the real weight of an object”.

The company says that it has been developing this glove for seven years and that the project began as a kind of “shot at the moon”; in other words, as something that they did not know if it would have some kind of application.

But since then, technology has reached a point that makes the idea feasible, although there is still a while for gloves to materialize as they are envisioned: this requires some “revolutionary advances” across various disciplines. , both scientific and engineering.

While those gloves arrive, it is more feasible to travel to Iceland and play the Icelandverse.

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