Saturday, May 28

Facebook launches Bulletin, its new newsletter platform | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has introduced a new service, focused on newsletters. Under the name of Facebook Bulletin (and as anticipated), the platform will offer those who want to write, a way to distribute their content either through newsletters paid or free.

In a beginning, Bulletin It will show the work of some creators, who have been chosen by Facebook to promote the new platform. And the objective, clearly, is to compete with other services of newsletter that have been gaining popularity lately, especially Substack.

According to Facebook, the Bulletin exists because other parts of the social network, such as groups or pages, have risen in popularity. “People are hungry for local content and produced by expert and authoritative voices,” they write on the official announcement site.

Likewise, content creators will be able to make a profit from what they produce and initially, Facebook ensures that it will not keep a percentage of that money. This is clearly a way to attract writers already on competing platforms like Substack, who take 10 percent of the profits.

Facebook Bulletin is currently in the testing phase and therefore they have partnered with only a few writers. It is not known if in the future the door will open for more people and eventually anyone will be able to create an account to start writing (and eventually earn money).

But what is clear is that, beyond the altruistic interest of giving a voice to its community, what the social network seeks is to compete with other companies that are succeeding in other areas of business, tangential to social networks. They did it before with Clubhouse and now they are going for Substack or Revue, the newsletters which was acquired by Twitter a while ago.

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