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Facebook launches button to block profiles in Afghanistan | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook has launched a special tool to help the people of Afghanistan protect their identity and the data they have published on the platform, amid the conflict in the country with the coming to power of the Taliban.

The tool allows you to lock and protect your account with just one click. As Nathaniel Gleicher, head of Facebook security, explains on social networks, when an account is blocked with this system, those who are not friends of the person in question cannot see the user’s publications or download or share the profile photo.

Facebook has also disabled the option to view the friend lists of accounts in Afghanistan, although this action is only temporary and not permanent.

4 / We’ve launched a one-click tool for people in Afghanistan to quickly lock down their account. When their profile is locked, people who aren’t their friends can’t download or share their profile photo or see posts on their timeline.

& mdash; Nathaniel Gleicher (@ngleicher) August 19, 2021

Gleicher also indicated that similar measures are being taken on Instagram, although in the case of that social network, this is done through alerts with which specific instructions will be given on how to do it. And it also recommends that people who have Facebook friends in Afghanistan adjust their privacy measures so that, for example, other people cannot see their friends list.

These measures are in addition to others that Facebook has already taken and that consisted of removing all content supporting the Taliban from the social network, who are considered a terrorist group. Likewise, human rights organizations recommend looking down when passing through a surveillance camera to prevent them from recognizing your face.

One of the factors of the conflict in Afghanistan has to do with the withdrawal of US troops from the country and that caused great chaos at the Kabul airport, as revealed by some satellite images.

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