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Facebook plans to invest 1,000 million euros to bring its data center for southern Europe to Spain

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram, has started the process to install a data center campus in the town of Talavera de la Reina. This infrastructure is key to the operation of its services or the storage of user data. It would be the fourth of its kind that the multinational builds in Europe and the first in the south of the continent, after the fields of Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. In case of receiving the green light from all parties, the total investment for its construction would exceed 1,000 million euros, according to the technical documentation that Meta has sent to the Government of Castilla-La Mancha, of which 713 million would be directly in this community. .

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If the bureaucratic process is completed, construction would begin at the end of 2030 and would be completed in phases until 2030, the date on which Meta expects the center to be fully operational. At that time, the infrastructure would directly employ around 250 highly qualified professionals, who would receive an average salary of around 98,200 euros. The corporation affirms that another 1,500 indirect jobs would also be created in the community and the rest of Spain. The total impact on Spanish GDP would be 1,120 million a year, he calculates.

“This data center is an expansion of Meta’s presence in Europe,” explains the corporation in the aforementioned technical documentation. “The development of this Data Center Campus will allow it to expand its computing and server capacity. It will be a key center for Spain and southern Europe. These new facilities will be similar in function and scale to those currently operating in other European countries,” he adds. .

However, the data provided by the multinational indicates that the Talavera la Reina data center could be even larger than those in Luleå (Sweden, 94,000 square meters), Odense (Denmark, 85,750 square meters) and Clonee (Ireland, 150,000 square meters). The plot on which he wants to settle in the Castilian La Mancha community has 125 hectares and the buildings he plans to build, 300,000 square meters in total.

These types of installations require a large electrical consumption. To the requirement of the servers themselves is added that of cooling, since they must remain at an optimum temperature at all times to avoid overheating. In this sense, Meta is committed to satisfying it with “100% clean and renewable energy sources”, although it anticipates that “it is possible” that the large energy needs of the installation require the construction of its own supply substation.

Another digital multinational that chooses Spain

Meta sources explain to that the documentation sent to the administration of Castilla La-Mancha is “only the first step” of the “very long” bureaucratic process that will be necessary for the construction, so they cannot confirm 100% that this will take place. However, they affirm that “location selection is a project that lasts several years” and that the decision to carry it out in Talavera de la Reina is firm.

In this sense, Emiliano García-Page has indicated that Spain competed with other countries, and that Castilla-La Mancha did the same with other regions to achieve the implementation of this technological project, as reported by “It is a commitment by way of a promise of marriage, but there is still no marriage,” the regional president has pointed out, however, who has asserted that they are going to “accelerate as quickly as the law allows” the processing of the same. Despite this, García-Page recognizes that it is a “transcendental megaproject” and “one of the most important news that there will be in the year”.

“It is a commitment as a promise of marriage, but there is no marriage yet”

Emiliano Garcia-Page
President of Castile-La Mancha

With this move, Meta becomes the last multinational to choose Spain to locate its data center infrastructure for southern Europe, after Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM or Oracle. All have announced this type of investment, of several hundred million euros in each case, in the last two years. As sources from these companies have explained to and several specialists, Spain has become a central point in the new deployment of digital communication routes. This is characterized by the search for alternative routes to the congested highways that pass through London, Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

The election of Talavera de la Reina is not the first in which the town attracts a digital deployment of this type. It has also recently been chosen as the headquarters for the Spanish chapter of GAIA-X, the European sovereign cloud protocol promoted by the Government.