Wednesday, March 22

Facebook Protect was real and blocked accounts are already being reported | Digital Trends Spanish

There are few messages that can seem more fake than an email from Facebook that asks you to click on a link in exchange for increased security. But this time the suspicions were unfair: the Facebook Protect function was true and, two weeks after the first warnings, blocked accounts are already being reported on the social network.

The story goes back to early March 2022, when the platform warned its users in the United States through security[arroba] to activate the security protocol before Thursday the 17th of the same month. With the deadline expired, the Meta subsidiary cut off access to those who ignored the requirement, according to reports TheVerge.

Facebook Protect is an “advanced security” program for certain accounts prone to hacking, based on their relevance or public exposure. Human rights defenders, journalists and government officials would be among the most threatened. That’s why the platform adopted two-factor authentication (2FA).

The same medium argued that those affected began to receive explanatory messages and also the offer of help to return to their accounts. Others accused that, despite following the instructions, the 2FA did not work.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Meta’s head of security policy, reported that the firm implements Facebook Protect in more than 50 countries. “We continue to improve the registration process and notifications to avoid confusion,” he noted in his twitter account.

“We look for isolated cases where people may need help signing up for the program. Thank you for your patience, ”she added, in addition to recognizing those who joined the initiative in time.

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