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Facebook rectifies after deleting the account of the mother of a dead soldier who criticized Biden

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Facebook temporarily deleted Shana Chappell’s Instagram account, the mother of one of the thirteen soldiers killed in the Kabul attack last Thursday, after he shared messages with strong criticism of US President Joe Biden.

Chappell went to the Dover Air Base, in Delaware, upon the arrival of the coffins with the soldiers who died in the suicide terrorist attack in the capital of Afghanistan. Biden also participated in the transfer and had a meeting with several relatives of the victims.

“President Joe Biden, this message is for you!” He wrote in a message shared Tuesday, after the previous day’s meeting with the president, on his Facebook account. “I am the one who was ten centimeters from your face and told you that I will never hug my son again”added Chappell, who assured that the US president treated her with disdain when the victim’s family member told her: “You don’t know how I feel and you have no right to say that you know how I feel.” Biden has a long history of personal tragedies – the death of his eldest son, Beau, from brain cancer, and the death of his first wife and only daughter in a car accident – and he often remembers them when talking to victims or family members. .

Chappell made his political preferences clear in his message. “You are not the President of the United States! Cheating is not winning! You are not a leader at all! You are a weak human being and a traitor!” Biden, Donald Trump, “my President Trump.” He assured that if the latter “were in the position that corresponds to him, my son and the other heroes would be alive.”

“My son’s blood is on your hands!”wrote the mother, who closed her message with “America hates you.”

On the same day this message was published, which spread like wildfire on social media, especially among voters loyal to Trump, Instagram deleted Chappell’s account. This photo sharing app is owned by Facebook.

Chappell assured in another subsequent message on Facebook that, as soon as he recounted the experience with Biden, Instagram began to draw his attention for messages shared “months ago”, in which, among other things, he called Biden a “traitor”, defended -of unfounded way – that the one who won the election was Trump, he encouraged people to «get up, show up at the White House and to demand that senile, decrepit jerk and the laughing hyena accompanying him (a reference to Vice President Kamala Harris) to leave the White House so that the president who actually won will regain his position. “

Facebook assured in a message to ‘The New York Post’ that the critical message from Chappell that appeared on its social network was not deleted and that the deletion of his Instagram account was a ‘mistake’.

“We express our condolences to Mrs. Chappell and her family,” the social network said in a statement. “Tribute to your son’s hero does not violate any of our policies. That message has not been deleted and your account was deleted by mistake and has already been recovered.

The episode caused outrage among conservative circles in the US, which for years have accused Big Tech of limiting their channels of political expression. The most remembered example is the suspension of Trump’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts for “Incite violence” with their messages, while keeping those of dictators or authoritarian political leaders open.

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