Monday, August 8

Facebook redesigns groups with a Discord aesthetic | Digital Trends Spanish

Groups of Facebook appears to be getting a makeover that may have been inspired by apps popular with a younger audience, such as Discord.

On Tuesday, goal announced which is testing and adding new features to Facebook Groups that enhance many of its current capabilities. Among these new experimental changes to the Groups UI are a new sidebar and a new group menu.

The sidebar will offer access to your favorite groups and will include small updates on your recent activity. The sidebar also offers options to pin your favorite groups, create groups, and find new groups.

The other change in the user interface is the presence of a new menu in the group. According to Meta, this menu will have “events, stores, and a variety of channels to make it easier to connect with others around the topics you care about.”

Meta is also introducing a new Facebook Groups feature: Channels. These channels are expected to provide smaller spaces for people to connect within their groups. And there will be three types of them: community chat channels, community audio channels, and community feed channels.

Chat channels are for text chat discussions. Audio channels are for audio conversations (but one of the screenshots indicates that cameras may be on during these conversations). And feed channels seem to create smaller feeds within a group, with each feed focusing on a specific topic.

If these changes look familiar to you. You are not the only one. What noted The Verge, these changes are more like another popular social media platform, Discord. It’s no coincidence that the product photos Meta offered included a gaming-themed group.

Not to mention, Meta has been doing the same thing with TikTok: adding new features to its own platform that mirror successful features in other apps.

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