Thursday, September 16

Facebook releases glasses that can record everything that happens around them

Facebook has released glasses that allow the person who wears them to record everything that happens around them and upload it to their social networks. The glasses are called “Ray-Ban Stories” because the multinational has partnered with this firm to launch them, although the move also prevents the product from bearing the Facebook brand. At the moment the glasses are only available in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

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“Ray-Ban Stories was designed with privacy in mind,” Mark Zuckerberg’s company said in a statement. “We are taking steps to ensure that device owners – and the people around them – feel comfortable, safe and informed,” he added. Facebook contacted privacy organizations during the design of the product, who made a series of suggestions to try to prevent the product from violating the rights of people who can be recorded.

The only thing that Facebook has attended is to add a signal that warns other people when the glasses are recording. That track is a small led light placed on the far right of the mount and that is activated if the Ray-Ban Stories take photos or start recording.

The company did not agree, however, with programming the glasses to stop recording automatically if the owner covers that flash, John Breyault, vice president of the National Consumers League, one of the organizations consulted by Facebook, explained to the Washington Post. Covering the flash violates the terms of use of the glasses, Alex Himel, responsible for the resignation of augmented reality from Facebook, has explained to Buzzfeed.

The images and videos taken by the Ray-Ban Stories are not uploaded directly to the company’s servers, but are sent to the “Facebook View” app that must be installed on the phone and connected to the glasses via bluetooth. This material is stored locally on the phone and the social network ensures that it does not have access to it if the user decides not to publish it.

The glasses also have microphones and a system to activate them with voice commands, as well as speakers that allow you to listen to music while wearing them. Its price in the US is 299 dollars, about 250 euros.

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