Monday, August 8

Facebook signals the metaverse as the next big global business

Once upon a time, not long ago, Zuckerberg got into the metaverse and he loved it, he came out in awe. There he saw the great business of the future and, above all, of the present. When I needed it most, at a time when Facebook’s corporate image was going through its worst passages, accused by former employees of addiction generation strategies. Simultaneously, young people were moving away from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp. What is not clear is whether, from the shock received, he decided to adopt or destroy the metaverse. In any case, what it does seem is that, directly or indirectly, Facebook is paying homage to the metaverse.

Facebook and the metaverse business

To enter the metaverse, he created an avatar that, with his technical power, was just like him: whitish complexion, short hair with certain red-haired touches. His name is Zuck. Now this avatar has left the metaverse to rescue, like a hero, Facebook using as a reference the new world he has known, that of the metaverse. But the hybridization between Zuckerberg and Zuck raises great doubts as to whether what he is proposing has something to do with the metaverse we know, with crypto metaverses.

Facebook is called Meta and aspires to be the owner of the world through the metaverse

Most of the experts have already spoken out and fear the worst. Moreover, they go so far as to say that it has nothing to do with it, that it is not really a metaverse but a virtual reality under their authority and command. A fake metaverse, which only has the name of the metaverse. A centralized version of the metaverse, reduced to being a virtual reality in the hands of the Zuck-Zuckerberg empire. A virtual reality in which to consume, telework, where brands can sell and children learn, all after paying their commission to the MetaZuckVerso empire and, of course, continuing to work for it, as has been working for Facebook with the records of our movements and conversations in the social network. His ambition is such that, it must be admitted, the name he has been given, Meta, does not fool anyone. It is the Metametaverse, the centralization of the previously decentralized, in the hands of Zuck-Zuckerberg.

Snow Crash

On the contrary, other analysts point out that what Zuckerberg has done is a detailed reading of Snow Crash. That is, to propose virtual worlds where great adventures can be lived, as a sublimation of a dystopian real world, with precarious, stressful jobs, in which workers agonizingly compete with each other for money with which they can barely survive, residing in tiny rooms , with no greater ventilation than the symbolic ventilation that comes through the screens that lead to the internet.

Cryptoweekly: the gross cruelty of the Facebook metaverse

The point is that the very decision of Zuckerberg to jump into the metaverse, even if it is not a metaverse, certifies the importance of these worlds emerged in the blockchain ecosystem. Although Zuckerberg has not always been correct in pointing out world trends, there is no doubt that his mere statement has put the metaverse and the economy on the front pages of the world’s leading newspapers and news, where they have had to make a intensive course in cryptoeconomics and NFTs, and, above all, in the focus of financial markets.

The Libra example

Facebook steps always generate reaction. They do not leave you indifferent. The most relevant previous one, the one he carried out with Libra. He managed to get a good part of the states to fix their gaze on cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and that, some, began the march towards a CDBC. Later, Libra herself changed her name: Diem. Like he hid and today his whereabouts are hardly known.

Facebook will change its name to become a Metaverse company

Now, Zuckerberg’s declaration is a declaration of love towards the metaverse. But it is already known that there are loves that kill. Especially when the lover surrounds himself for his plan of a company like Oculus, which he bought in 2004. A company whose developer and founder, Palmer Luckey, has shown an extremely authoritarian ideological component and far from communitarianism that permeates the initial logic of the metaverse . Among other things, the company sold spy hardware.

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