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Facebook wants to test its less political feed in more countries | Digital Trends Spanish

Facebook is not going through a very good time. The company that Mark Zuckerberg runs has had to respond to a series of criticisms that point to little concern on the part of the platform to take care of its users’ data.

Amid this adverse scenario, it continues its efforts to make the news feed contain less political content.

The first changes in this regard were already applied in August, when the firm introduced a more renewed feed in the United States, Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia.

Now, through its latest update, Facebook is expanding the less political news feed to more territories. According to the first reports, there are 75 countries that join these changes.

For the moment, the social network has not wanted to indicate which have been the last countries that were added to this testing period. However, a spokesperson confirmed that the company is showing these modifications to a “small percentage of people” in each of the countries.

The official also pointed out that the nations that will have elections soon and those “with the highest risk of conflict” have been excluded from these tests.

Facebook announced the changes to the news feed following the seizure of the Capitol in Washington by Republican supporters of former President Donald Trump.

At that time and due to the serious acts of violence, Mark Zuckerberg said that “people do not want politics and confrontations to take over their experience.”

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